The Evolve Soul 5 SoulJerk 115 Deathdrop is designed to put fish in the boat in the toughest of conditions. The bill is actually molded as part of the body, which means there is zero flex in the bill. This makes the Deathdrop incredibly responsive, and helps eliminate bill breakage - two things every angler wants in a jerkbait. The sides are also incredibly flat (vs. a rounded fuselage), adding further to its responsiveness and side-to-side slashing action.

Most importantly though, Evolve created the Deathdrop with the slowest sink rate available. Many situations, especially when fishing deep points or retrieving from ledges out into deeper water call for a slow sinking jerkbait- but most that are available sink like rocks. The SoulJerk 115 DEATHDROP falls at a rate of about an inch a second vs. a foot per second, making it very tantalizing to bass. The weight transfer system also allows you to cast it a country mile, and on the pause, it sit slightly nose down tempting bass to strike. Offered in a number of bass-catching colors, the Evolve Soul 5 SoulJerk 115 Deathdrop is a proven producer from Fall through mid-Spring.

 Soul 5 Length Weight Depth Class
SoulJerk115  4-1/2" 5/8oz  0-5ft Slow-Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Top notch jerkbaits. They do sink incredibbbbbly slow nose down as advertised. I like it because they kind of "die" back down to fish that follow. Hooks are super sharp, and I've yet to bend/straighten. Great jerk for $7.

From: Justin: NY 9/25/14

Comments: I still have a handful of the originals, and they are sick. These roll in addition to the side to side slashing. Have caught several fish over 5, and the hooks are prime... no straightening out. I can cast them a mile on 8 lb. line and a 7' spinning rod.

From: Rich: NY 7/28/14

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