Built for tempting bass in the depths, the Soul 5 Victory Deep Crank is designed to get down deeper and hunt harder than your everyday crankbait. Developed through multiple stages of engineering, the Soul 5 Victory Deep Crank features a special fuselage and an elongated bill that allows it to dive down quickly to the 17-to-20 foot range.

Perfect for attacking points or the edge of flats, the Soul 5 Victory Deep Crank features two separate rattle chambers that each contain a loud knocker weight. Together, these two chambers create an added commotion that is ideal for attracting bass in deeper, darker waters. Constructed using only the finest components, the Soul 5 Victory Deep Crank is equipped with top-notch split rings and a bulletproof outer coating that can withstand the riggers of an aggressive angler. Armed with razor-sharp VMC trebles, the Soul 5 Victory Deep Crank is just what you need to get at those kicker fish buried deep in the water column.

Soul 5  Length Weight Depth
Victory Deep Crank  3" 1oz 17-20ft 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I'm amazed at the quality of the baits for the price point. The stock hooks must be Gammys or VMCs because they are needle sharp and hold up very well. I drag the bottom in 15 feet with these and bounce wood and rock and hammer smallmouth. Not much of a deep cranker until I was given 2 of these as a gift. No reason to try anything else in my mind. Colors are beautiful. live gill and ayu have been effective for me.

From: Brock: PA 1/2/15

Comments: I've caught many big fish cranking deep rock piles. I burn it down, then crank, stop, crank stop, and then fish on. Smallmouth and largemouth fall for the live gill HD and Purple haze patterns.

From: Troy: NY, NY 12/6/14

Comments: This really is the best deep crank in my box... and I have fished LCs, Rapalas, Strike Kings 20+ models etc. I'd buy these if they were a $16 bait. OLIVE HITCH and LIVE GILL are deadly patterns.

From: Justin: NY 8/26/14

Comments: You can cast these a mile, and they dive DEEP. I couldn't hit 20, but I hit 16 - 17 on 12 pound mono. Caught a few nice fish also. It pulls pretty hard, but it's a big bait. LIVE GILL and AYU are beautiful patterns too.

From: Cory: USA 4/16/14

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