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For the ultimate in angler-oriented optics at a price point that can’t be beat, look no further than the Eye Surrender ESM Sunglasses. Built with an indestructible I-Flex TR90 nylon frame, the Eye Surrender ESM Sunglasses are designed to handle the demands of the most avid angler. The TAC polarized lenses offer an unparalleled crispness and clarity, as well as, an incredible 400% UV rating. Offered in a wide variety of fashionable colors, the extremely sleek Eye Surrender ESM Sunglasses are guaranteed to keep you out of the sun and in the fish.

Lens Colors:

Amber: Excellent for low light use, such as heavy overcast conditions or fog. Best during first light and last light or other low light conditions. Works well for sight fishing early and late in the day.

Blue Mirror: Green lens with a mirror coating, these lens are great for any condition and every day wear.

Copper: This lens will be your best choice for sight fishing in a variety of conditions. This is a very high contrast lens that you will find soothing to the eye. Absorbs blue light and boosts contrast and sharpness.

Green: Great sight fishing lens for spring time during the spawn. Enhances the black lateral line of bass, improving visibility of the fish. Soothing to the eyes in bright conditions.

Grey: This color lens is the open water lens best for bluebird skies and bright sunny days. Great for everyday use on or off the water! Transmits all colors with little distortion. Excellent all around color for fishing and all other sports as well.

Red Mirror: Covered in a red-mirrored coating, the lens reduces light and lessens eye strain, making it perfect for extended wear in any lighting conditions.  

Backed by an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

If your Eye Surrender sunglasses ever break for any reason, just return the broken pair to Eye Surrender with a $15/$20 shipping and handling fee, and you will receive a comparable pair of Eye Surrender sunglasses absolutely free.


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Black Frame Amber Lens
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Eye Surrender ESM Sunglasses

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  • Black Frame Amber Lens
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  • Black Frame Copper Lens
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  • Black Frame Green Lens
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  • Black Frame/Green Mirror Lens
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  • Black Frame Grey Lens
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  • Blue Frame Grey Lens
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  • Red Frame Grey Lens
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  • Red Frame Red Mirror Lens
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  • White Frame Amber Mirror Lens
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  • White Frame Blue Mirror Lens
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  • White Frame Green Lens
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  • White Frame Grey Lens
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Comments: What a awesome pair of glasses. I fish on the rayovac trail & finding quality optics that take abuse is hard to come by. It usually one or the other. I bought the Copper lens black frame and have no compliant. The price is right the lens is great and these things take a beating backed by lifetime warranty. You couldn't ask for more. I really like that the lens isn't coated. biggest down fall to a lot of companies. 70Mph runs in heavy rain have caused damage to every other pair of glasses I have owned. These look like the day I bought them. If you haven't checked eye surrender out you are missing out.

From: Mike: Breinigsville, PA 11/2/15

Comments: I got the black frame green minor lens. when you put them on it is pinkish. the other colors i am guessing are fine. but besides that they are awesome come with a case,durable.they have a lifetime warranty so if you break them you send them back. great glasses for the price.

From: James: Arizona, US

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