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Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rods - $129.99 to $149.99

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rods

Proudly made in the USA

Now featuring the latest in premium Micro Guide technology, the Falcon BuCoo Micro Guide Casting Rods continue to push the level of value and performance. Offering Falcon’s proven actions with the best 100% Fuji Components available, the BuCoo Micro Guide Casting Rods are perfect for anyone who wants a quality rod - without spending Bucoo bucks.

In addition to significantly reducing overall rod weight, the Fuji Micro Guides provide increased casting distance and accuracy as well - eliminating line flutter and neutralizing the issue of line tangles. Also facilitating better load distribution, the Micro Guides allow the full potential of the Falcon FXB American-made Graphite Blanks to be realized - maximizing sensitivity and power. Exposed-blank Fuji Reel Seats and a No-Foregrip design also help transfer the blanks’ sensitivity into the angler’s hands, while Split-Grip Handles with ergonomic EVA Foam Grips deliver superior all-day comfort, and further reduce weight. A potent blend of value and advanced performance, the Falcon BuCoo Micro Guide Casting Rods deliver bucoo features standard - at a great price.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Comments: The rod is light weight, strong, and definitely sensitive but the microguides are horribly. I fished 2 med heavys and 2 meds for a whole year to properly review them. Meds handled 1.5 squarebills just fine and med heavy handled the deep 5xd cranks pretty sound as well. No real flaws until I finished a fishing trip and began to clean my rods and noticed ALL micro guides were bending forwards and all cracked from the glues holding them. To make things short, great rod ..just dunno for the price..theres better cheaper rods out there like the ghost duckett.

From: Kou: Charlotte, NC 10/19/14

Comments: I bought a clearance 6'10" pitching stick from my local retailer for under $50. I have used the rod in heavy cover pitching 3/8-1/2 ounce jigs to large and smallmouth bass using 16 pound sunline fluoro.Rod is very powerful, and I had no issues landing a ton of fish in the 2-4 lb range, pulling them out of heavy cover with ease. Sensitivity is just ok. Micro guides are awful. They get bent far too easily, and it feels like the wide diameter line encounters quite a bit of resistance. Not a bad rod, but I would recommend the regular Bucoo over the micro.

From: Carl: Wellsville, UT 9/7/14

Comments: I have been using this rod for a few months now and It has a very good and versatile action. Great for so many applications and strong for boat landing fish,good on bladed jigs,buzzbaits,top water even small jigs and worms fish very well on it! The only gripe is the guides that bend like butter,other than that is a great puchase,light and confortable to fish all day!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ 8/19/14

Comments: I have the 7'MH Trap Caster and the 7'M The MH is strong enough to pitch/punch a good size jig (I use mostly half oz football or all terrain) and get fish out of pretty thick cover. It has made a couple "creaking" sounds on some heavier hook sets but no apparent damage or faults yet other than one of the guides glue cracked a bit when ripping a fish out of some coontail grass. Just re-glued it and it's fine now. STRONG rods for the weight! Great sensitivity. I use the 7' M for spinnerbaits and light Texas rigs and worms. The other day I caught 8 fish from the 1-2.5lb range on my 7'M and it performed flawlessly as well as 2 fish that were 3 lbs while running a spinnerbait a little deeper. Great casting capabilities due to the micro guides- something I didn't believe would truly affect casting as much as it has. The EVA handle is the perfect diameter, just a little bit fatter than other rods which helps relieve hand/grip fatigue and allows me to fish all day without hand cramping. Excellent balance, sensitive, strong, comfortable and beautiful USA made fit and finish! I would've paid retail for these rods and probably will for the 7'6" heavy rod. Thanks Falcon and keep it up!

From: Britton: Edmonds, WA 7/19/14

Comments: got the 7' MH and i love it. first of all, i fish from a yak so all my rods got to be 7' max. this is my go to rod. spinner bait, crankbaits, jigs. whatever the occasion may be, this rod can handle it. very strong back bone and nice tip for working lure. a 3lb 5oz fish jumped out from my yak while still hooked and i had to swing it back. NOT a problem... love it

From: Edmar: MA 7/9/14

Comments: I picked up this rod for $70.00 on a closeout sale at a local sporting goods store.I had an older model Shimano Chronarch laying around so i decided to spooler her up with 15lb Seaguar fluor and put it in the boat for next trip to Kentucky Lake.This rod impressed me from the start handling many fish in the 3 to 5lb category... fishing watermelon red brush hoggs pegged with a peg-x - tungston 1/2oz green pumpkin strike king weight and 4/0 Gamagatsu EWG hook. This set up was deadly fishing laydowns and elbow bushes.

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 6/2/14

Comments: Stellar rod for the price... picked up a new 7'MH Trap Caster for under 50.00....once in a lifetime deal for what is quite possibly the most versatile rod I own...and I have Power Tackle, Cashion, St.Croix, and Kistler rods. The weight of the Bucoo Micro is well under 4 oz. No other rod company can match that at this price point. The quality is equal to that of a $200- $250 rod... EVA foam grips rock... Fuji guides and reel seat...matte black finish is very clean looking. Falcon Rods made in America!!!! Awesome!!!!

From: Corey: Gettyburg, PA 3/31/14

Comments: My brother picked this rod, 6'10'' pitching, up last spring at Walmart for $80, he is in school for his PHD so never used it last year so I put it through its paces. I normally fish 13 Envy blacks so this was definitely a down grade but I was surprised in many ways by this stick. first, the taper was much too slow and the handle (in relation to the overall rod length) was too long to be an effective "pitching rod", at least for me. I did find it to be an excellent stick for late fall river smallmouth "jig dragging". Teamed up with a Lews tourney Pro, 17# floro, a hand poured 3/8 oz finesse jig, and trimmed down Z man punch craw- I boated several 20# bags of "tiger pigs" in 40 degree  and below water temps. I was surprised at the rods sensitivity, granted I was only fishing in 6-10 FOW and using a 3/8 jig and floro. The micro guides were better than traditional guides when it came to "ICE UP" issues.  Finally, I boat flipped 30+ 3-5 #'s over several weeks of 20-30 degrees- not bad for a $80 rod.

From: Tim: WI 3/12/14

Comments: I was waiting to get the Kistler carbon steel 6'9" for jigs and spinnerbaits but iit is not on the line up at TW any more. I found this on sale at walmart a week ago and got the 6'10" heavy and I love it! Is perfect for skipping jigs and should be great for spinnerbaits and worms,it has a good parabolic action and feels great on the hand. I've seen some bad reviews about breaks and splits so I hope it lasts,the guides look a little cheap but only time will tell,so far I am happy!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ 3/10/14

Comments: I bought a 7' MH last year and couldn't believe the quality and sensitivity of this rod. For the price it's a great rod. Like most everyone else, I have used a lot of other brands but this rod is incredibly light and powerful. I was fishing a tournament with my son this past fall and he used it all day pitching and flipping cover. He commented several times about how light and sensitive it was and couldn't believe I only paid $110 dollars for it. Instead of grabbing another rod with a different lure to pitch, he cut the line and put on a different setup several times throughout the day. Great rod!

From: Scott: NE 3/3/14

Comments: I have two of these rods and love them guides do bind a little easy but they all do when u step on them lol. I want a great fluke rod for less then 180 $ and to also be micro. Is this the best out there or is there better in that price range?  

From: Casey: Jennings, LA

Comments: Great rod for the price and made in the USA. Sensitivity is good with all the backbone needed. Foam rubber handle is a nice firm rubber not the squishy type that gets water logged. The only upgrade needed is to the micro guides, they can get bent against the rod very easily. This can be a problem if stepped on or hit against something. You also need be careful in and out of rod tubes.

From: CJ: Lejeune, NC

Comments: The Rod is nicely balanced and very light.  Every time I fish, I notice a guide or two bent over.  After about a year of bending them back right, one broke off, which I started to expect.  The guides are way too thin.  I prefer to spend the extra $10 for a Quantum KVD which is also nicely balanced and very light, and the guides are strong.

From: Russ: Okmulgee, OK, USA

Comments: great rod and for the deal I got it for was amazing. At Walmart it was on sale for 80 dollars and its just as good as 150 dollar rods and more. It has a very sensitive tip but a very strong backbone perfect for frogs and jigs. Definitely recommend it

From: Charlie: VA

Comments: I bought the 7' heavy back in March and I primarily use it as my frog rod and all around topwater rod.  Everything about the rod is great, the backbone, casting, tip speed, however I've had issues with the guides.  I've had two guide inserts pop out and the general durability on the eyes is lacking with mine bending very easily.  Ill be spending the extra $70-80 for a duckett.

From: Ben: VA

Comments: I can't begin to tell you about the quality of this rod. For under 150 bucks you cant go wrong you get the high quality feel without the high quality price, and being an angler on a low budget, its great to know I don't have to spend over $200 for a quality rod. I have this rod in a 7ft med action and a 7ft med heavy action. The med action is great for small top waters and squarebills but its a little whippy. I like to use the medheavy to throw weightless senkos, jigs and buzzbaits. Paired up with a lews tournament pro, and your set, its super light and sensitive. I just ordered the 7 ft 3 heavy action for frogs and punching. Great rod for an angler on a low budget. 

From: Kimmel: Concord CA

Comments: I have been using these rods for a couple of years now and generally fish every weekend, weather permitting. I loved the 6'10" bucoo micro medium heavy rod. They are very sensitive and have just the amount of back bone that I was looking for. Unfortunatly I have broke 3 of them in the last year while fishing. Two snapped about four inches from the tip while the other broke in half. All I every really fished with these rods was a texas rig worm with a 1/8 ounce weight and all were broken while having a fish on the line.So i have started fishing with different rods.

From: Cody: DeRidder, La

Comments: I got the 6'10" heavy action rod. the rod is incredible. sensitive, powerful any plenty of backbone to pull hogs from cover. the only downfall of this rod is that the little cork butt end of the rod is a little cheap the cork is already pealing but otherwise this rod is well worth it.

From: Andrew: CO

Comments: best bang for your buck hands down, $200 dollar quality for much less

Comments: Great rods at an unbelievable price! You won't find a comparable rod for both action and weight, as well as with micro guides, in this price range. An absolute steal. I just picked up the 7' M and the 7' MH. The MH has done well for me for fishing jigs and traps. Great small swimbait rod as well. The M is going to be a phenomenal jerkbait and squarebill rod, love the Moderate taper to it. The micro guides are great although I have noticed that they bend fairly easily, but that's not a huge deal. These rods are super sensitive, awesome for fishing bottom baits. I will be throwing a drop shot on the 7' M this weekend so we'll see how that goes. Beware, the 7' M is definitely a whippy rod, which will make it good for lures with small treble hooks (i.e. poppers, jerkbaits, small cranks....). I just with the 7' MH had a faster taper to it, but they brand it as a Trap rod and it definitely fits the bill.

From: Zach: NJ

Comments: Have 4 of these rods... love all of them! I broke 2 of them and got them replaced but it was my fault both times. Just be careful with them and youll be fine. as light and sensitive as everyone says!

From: Brian: IL

Comments: I got the 6'6 MH "Herm" Its my go to Pond/Truck rod. I can pretty much use it for anything. Really happy with it so far. I mostly fish the Cara Micro, and this is just as good if not the same, other then no cork. You'll be happy. I paired it with a Lew's. My go to Rod!

From: Timmy: CA

Comments: Great rods I have the 6-10 Med Hvy Pitching stick and I love it.  Very stiff.  Not much tip speed.   I just ordered the 7ft Med.  Waaay to whippy.   Feels more like a med light or a light.  Not much backbone to it.  Quite the opposite of the pitching stick.  I wanted something with a little softer tip.  but this one has a very soft mid-section as well.   Not what I was expecting going from a Med Hvy to a Med in the same series.

From: Patrick: Inwood, WV

Comments: Love these rods I now have a 6'6" MH, 6'10' H, 3- 7' MH, and a 7' M and they are light and sensitive and have had no problem with the guides as long as you take care of them. My friend did have one break after the first guide but he had bought his from wal mart and exchanged it right at the store for no charge so sorry to say but the last commenter got screwed out of $45 bucks.

From: Greg: Southern Illinois


From: Hog Hunter: Garys, NC

Comments: I have four of these rods 7M, 7MH, two 6.10MH. All great rods paired with Lew's tournament reels 5:4 and 7:1. Great balance with the Lew's reels. The 7 MH is a bit stiff for spinnerbaits just right for traps, jigs and plastics. 7M great for top water, small/medium cranks, jerks and drop shot, it walks Spooks and Sammy's perfect . The 6.10MH is perfect for pitching just about anything and a great all around rod as well. All they need now is a 7, 7.3 and a 7.10 for reaction baits (spinners, crank baits etc). A 7.10 for heavy p/f and umbrella and a couple more offerings in the spinning side and they will be set. Quality, price and made in USA is what makes these line of roads the best deal around.

From: Alex: Chattanoga, TN

Comments: Best rod made under $200. period. lightest most sensitive and toughest. get one or two. or ten

From: Scott: ME

Comments: I just picked this rod up the other day and have only fished with it a handful of times however I have it paired with a quantum pt smoke reel and #12 berkley trilene 100% fluro and I can cast a weightless senko a country mile. This rod is very durable and VERY VERY lightweight just buy one and I promise you won't be disappointed.

From: CJ: York, PA

Comments: Great rods, picked up 2 of these to try out and love how they feel.  Great product.  And to Jason, I have the 7'm action rod and use 10lb on it.  Has great action.  Found another on clearance for $69 and had to get it.  Great rods, will be adding many more of these to my collection when I can. 

From: William: Long Beach, CA

Comments: i have three of these and quite a few other micro rods and have not had issues with any of their guides

From: Bryan: NC

Comments: just picked this up it looks and feels good glad to have it pick one up

From: Tyler: US

Comments: To answer the question about the guides being good. These are fuji guides the best there is, never had a problem with the fuji micro guides. Let me tell you that this rod in my opinion is the best rod for a mere 130.00 bucks you can buy, had mine for two years  never had a problem and just ordered the7' "3" Heavy.

From: Scott: Mt Vernon, IL

Comments: I have quite a few of these rods and have not had any issues with their guides (love them) and i have had these in a crap load of tournaments this year

Comments: I need imput.. Are the guides on this rod cheaply made? Or are they really good? (micro guides) ive heard of micro guides breaking on people. Are these any good?

From: Jacob: LA

Comments: i got the Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 7' Medium for jerk baits . This thing is awesome cast a mile with the Shimano Caenan 100 Series . I was worried about the micro eyes but  seems this is the way i will be going from here on . Love it .

From: Kevin: Johnson, KY

Comments: Got the 6 10 medium heavy paired with a smoke reel. I use it as my jigging/creature bait rod. Works well, perfect amount of backbone. Really nice rod.

From: Justin: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: the best blank no question for the dollar super light just plain awsome!!!!!!!!! i have 250-400 rods this easily performs just as well  as some of  the expensive blanks in weight and sensitiviy. killer job falcon !!!!!! I put a pfluger cetina baitcaster on my 7 foot medium heavy  the best combo in the buisness for  around that 200 dollar mark cant get any better!!!!

From: Jim: Lake Tomahawk,WI

Comments: Have two of these rods one 7m and one trap caster I have landed one 9 pounder on the trap caster and numerous 6 pounders. The 7m is my go to for shakey heads and I have landed dozens of bass over 6 and a few over 8 with no problems.

From: Bryan: Wilmington, NC

Comments: my first falcon, and I am impressed.  I got the 6' 10" heavy pitchin rod and it has a great feel; light, balanced, and a very nice moderate/fast action, not all tip.

From: Jason: MI

Comments: Great rod for the money, I own a lot of rods and this is my favorite. The micro guides do seem to work, that along with the action, this rod will launch a bait. A plain, no bling, Amercian made, awsome rod. The medium power rod has a moderate taper better suited for treble hook baits, and you should have no problem with 6-8lbs. fish.

From: Dave: Central Coast

Comments: does anyone know hwo this rod in the 7 foot Medium power would do against a 4-6 lb bass with 10lb line paired with a shimano caenan? just bought one and im starting to wonder if i should have getton the Medium Heavy... hmmm, any ansswers or comments? Much appreciated :)

From: Jason: CA

Comments: I have the 7'mh. very light and sensitive. this is a great rod for the price. you will not be disappointed with this rod. I will definitely be buying more of them.

From: Nick: IL

Comments: Good rod! Been fishing it for bout 6-7 months now and have had no problems. It is very sensitive and it is also light. I really like this rod and im going to be buying another one pretty soon. If you have a budget I highly recommend this rod, you WONT be sorry you bought it. It is a REALLY nice rod! P.S gonna be paring this  with a lews tourny pro reel gonna be an awesome combo!

From: Robbie: FL

Comments: i am a  tackle junkie and either own or have atleast used just about every rod you can get from TW between the $100-$200 range and for $130 you cant beat one of these. i believe there are a couple better rods for under $200 but both of them are still very close to $200. the non microguide version is also 20-30$ less than this one to and is also excellent.

From: James: Ft. Polk, LA

Comments: awesome rod! so light and the micro guides really do enhance the casting

From: Griffin: Indiana

Comments: AWESOME rod, 7 ft MH, 15 # seaguar invisx, with a quantum accurist, perfectly balanced around 1 lbs rod, best casting jig rod ever had. has plenty of backbone to do some good dock work, and so sensitive with the flouro, very very sweet, 5 fish so far from 4 to 8 lbs no problems!

From: Will: Central, NC

Comments: I have the 7' Heavy, super sensative and very light rod you can feel every tick and bump. The heavy gives you more backbone to set the hook hard but has the look of a medium/heavy rod, I will be ordering another for my Carbonlite reel. Best rod on the market for a wimpy $129.95 compared to other high dollar rods. Getcha one.

From: Scott: Mt. Vernon, IL

Comments: I just got a 7ft mh.  This is one of the least expensive rods I own and I absolutely love it!  Two of my buddies just got theirs too and they really like them.  Very sensitive and launches baits.  With the American made blank these are going to be hard to turn down for my next rod even though I've been a very hard core Powell fan.  

From: Albert: Illinois, USA

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Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 6'6" Medium Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-20lb 1/4-3/4oz 9+Tip BuCoo Micro A
Click to View
13-1/2" $129.99 2
BuCoo Micro A

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 6'10" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-20lb 3/16-5/8oz 10+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $129.99 3+
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 6'10" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 12-25lb 1/4-3/4oz 10+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $129.99 3+
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 7' Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Moderate 8-17lb 1/4-1/2oz 10+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $129.99 3+
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 12-20lb 1/4-3/4oz 10+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $129.99 3+
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 7' Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-25lb 3/8-1oz 10+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $129.99 3
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 7'2" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 10-17lb 1/8-3/8oz 11+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $149.99 3+
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Casting Rod 7'3" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 15-30lb 1/2-1 1/2oz 11+Tip BuCoo Micro B
Click to View
14-1/2" $149.99 3+
BuCoo Micro B

Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide Umbrella Rig Rod 7'6" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 20-30lb 3/4-2oz 12+Tip BuCoo Micro C
Click to View
15-1/2" $149.99 3+
BuCoo Micro C

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