Falcon Cara T7 Bobby's Perfect Frog Casting Rod

Proudly made in the USA

Designed by California Delta legend and the creator of Snag Proof's Bobby’s Perfect Frog, Bobby Barrak, the Falcon Cara T7 Bobby's Perfect Frog Casting Rod is 7ft 10in of pure horsepower. Built to pull bass that weigh 5 to 10lbs from extremely heavy cover, it is by far one of the best frog rods you'll ever come across. Barrak spends at least 300 days a year on the water and he throws a lot of top water. He channeled his vast experience into this rod to provide all the attributes he wanted in a frog rod. It has the power to pull fish away from heavy cover, as well as a soft tip that allows you to launch a frog 35 yards or pitch into tight pockets with precision accuracy. Also a great choice for throwing buzzbaits, lunker punkers, horny toads or any other topwater lure you want to throw with 65lb braid, its even a great rod for landing stripers in the 20 to 30lb range.

Equipped with premium components, including a Fuji ACS reel seat, streamlined, anti-grooving guides in Falcon's LowRider alignment, and Falcon’s F120X high modulus blanks, the Falcon Cara T7 Bobby's Perfect Frog Casting Rod provides you with the performance and durability Bobby Barrak relies on to catch giants bass in the California Delta, day-in-and-day-out. It's also telescopic to fit in most rod lockers.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Falcon Cara T7 Cast 7'10" Extra Hvy Bobby's Frog Rod

CC-8-2710XHT, Bobby's Perfect Frog Rod - Use this Cara for casting those plastic imitations onto and around grass mats, reeds, milfoil, and duckweed. Telescopic. Recommended by California Delta pro, Bobby Barrack. Bobby's Perfect Frog Rod Video


Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Medium 20-40lb 3/8-2oz 8+Tip Cara Cast C 18-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $249.99
Cara Cast C

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Rod handles are a matter of personal preference. I like the short, full cork handle and fore grip of this rod. This rod is not a full bore swimbait rod, so why do you need an 18"-24" handle. This rod is amazingly accurate at tossing light frogs or spinner baits. I especially like it for large topwaters and feel that a longer handle would just get in the way. A lot of my bass rods serve double duty for inshore saltwater and this rod handles bull reds with no problems. Plus it's telescopic and breaks down to around 6'6". Awesome rod. I think I need another one.

From: B: LA

Comments: I thought that the review from "Rib" was very accurate.  This rod would be perfect for me with a slightly longer handle.  This may improve the balance and allow for easier 2-handed casting.  The action of this rod is excellent.  I use Cara's exclusively and believe there is no better rod for the money.  The 7''4" Mike McClelland jig rod has become my frog rod of choice.

From: LB: KS

Comments: I love falcon cara rods. I have fished with them for years but bobbys perfect frog rod is insanely tip heavy. The handle is really short and hollow because its telscopic and really needs some weight in the rear section to balance it. I love frog fishing and bobby barracks the man at it but not what i expected in a rod he designed. I'd still recommend falcon to anyone but this one rod falls short

From: Rib: OK

Comments: If u like chuckin frogs and crossing eyes this is your rod.

From: Andy: MA

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