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Featuring some key advancements and innovations, the Falcon Cara T7 Micro Guide Casting Rods continue to elevate the level of fishing rod performance. Now equipped with premium Fuji Micro Guides, the series is lighter and more sensitive than ever. Along with greatly decreasing overall weight, the Micro Guides help neutralize the issue of line tangles, and also increase casting distance by eliminating line flutter. Providing better load distribution as well, the Micro Guides allow the full potential of the rod series’ F120X 100% Graphite blanks to be realized – maximizing sensitivity and strength.

By replacing a full grip with a split grip design, the engineers at Falcon Rods were also able to optimize balance and reduce weight even further. The fore grip was removed as well for greater sensitivity transfer, and a premium Fuji ACS Reel Seat still provides a solid base with direct access to the rod blank. Available in several technique-specific lengths and actions, the Falcon Cara T7 Micro Guide Casting Rods deliver reliable, tournament-tested performance.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    Pairing Fuji LowRider guides with a lightweight, cross-directional carbon fiber bank, the Falcon BuCoo Sr Casting Rods deliver an outstanding blend of power and sensitivity. 

  • The highly anticipated Falcon BuCoo Casting Rods have arrived. Delivering on price-point and performance, you get bucoo features standard in the Falcon BuCoo Rod Series without spending bucoo bucks.
  • Featuring true saltwater specific actions, the Falcon Lowrider Salt Casting Rods also feature the highly regarded Lowrider XG graphite blanks and the Lowrider’s winning low-profile guide concept

Customer Reviews

Comments: Started using Falcon rods this year. My first is the ccm-5-167s weightless worm rod. I was a little nervous when I received it, seemed whippy for a mh xfast rod. But after I got it on the water all those worries were long gone. Wow, what a great rod! It's sensitive, super light and surprisingly powerful. I had been using Shimano cumara, cumulus and glx. I am starting to switch out all to falcon. Hard to describe fishing with falcons, but they just feel right to me. 

From: Bryan: Raleigh, NC 5/17/14

Comments: Absolutely LOVE my cara micro!!! I got the 7' medium and it's great. Use it for weightless worms, crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and jerkbaits! Will buy nothing but a falcon cara anymore!

From: Adam: Bloomington, IN 4/11/14

Comments: Lowriders are alright, bucoo will do the job but NOTHING like a Cara! Made in Oklahoma makes it even better!!!

From: ULG: OK, USA

Comments: It amazes me how long Falcon has flown under the radar while putting out the rods that they do. I started a couple of years ago with a Lowrider and recently got the 6' 10" Cara T7 Micro Guide Finesse Jig model. Flawless in every way, nothing cheesy or cheap about it. Search the entire internet (like I did) and you will find overwhelmingly positive feedback on them. Fishing weightless Super Flukes in ridiculous winds and I felt every subtle tap. I'm not a fan of flash or bling, these are very understated sticks. I mostly fish from a kayak and don't pack a lot. One small tackle bag and at the most 3 rigs, so it's important they perform well for me. No doubt there will be more Falcons in the future for me.

From: Bilgerat: Down South Jersey

Comments: Best there is. Made here in the USA. I got the 6'10 H, for spinnerbaits, crankbaits, even pitching. I caught numbers of bass and one Big 10lber with ease. Also got a 7'3 H, Perfect for Pitching/Fliping, throwin them frogs and crankbaits. Best Rods out there. Get your self one, you'll get your self a few.

From: Timmy: CA

Comments:  All my rods I use are Falcon even spinning but for some reason this one has a bad tip that brakes.  

From: Terry: Clear Lake, CA

Comments: i disagree it has high quality components and still doesn't cast as far as the kistler micro magnesium which uses a carbon fiber blank well graphite with a 25% carbon it is much lighter cast better and is more sensitive not to mention when a fish is on the line but i dont like this blank. i still marvel how they manage to put this super high qulity cork i have on my loomis rods on a $200 rod.

From: Manny: Felton, CA

Comments: Went fishing today with my new Cara T7 Micro Guide system and this is the best rod I have ever used. Purchased the Bu Coo rod a few weeks ago and thought that was the best. The Bu Coo rod is a great rod but it does not compare to the Cara. Felt everything on the bottom of river and even the slightest nibble felt like a crush. Fishing in 98 degrees would have been unbearable without the Cara Micro Guide rod. If you want a GREAT rod, buy the Cara.

From: W.A.: Hemingway, SC

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