Falcon Lures "K" Wacky Hooks 5pk - $4.99

Falcon Weighted "K" Wacky Hooks are perfect for the popular and productive wacky rig technique. The wide gap of the Falcon Weedless "K" Wacky Hook allows for use of a wide variety of plastics in different sizes enough bite to get a good hookset every time.
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Falcon Lures

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Falcon "K" Wacky Hooks 1/32oz 3/0 5pk $4.99
Falcon "K" Wacky Hooks 1/16oz 3/0 5pk $4.99
Falcon "K" Wacky Hooks 3/32oz 3/0 5pk $4.99

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Comments: works great with tubes

From: Steve: Coventry, FL

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