Falcon Lures Unweighted Weedless "K" Wacky Hook 3pk

Falcon Lures Unweighted Weedless

The Falcon Unweighted Weedless "K" Wacky Hooks are perfect for the popular and productive wacky rig technique. The wide gap allows you to use a wide variety of plastics in different sizes and shapes, while providing enough bite to get a good hookset every time. The thin wire weedguard also allows this bait to be fished in the thick stuff without hanging up. Black Nickel Finish.

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Falcon Unweighted Weedless "K" Wacky Black Nickel 3/0 $5.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Same as the old Mustad wacky hook. Perfect, near 100% hookups. Impossible to hang up when paired with an O-Ring. Must have for every fisherman.

From: Matt: TX 4/22/14

Comments: good wacky hook. the strength is that it comes through weeds and brush very well and have better hook to land than normal. I wouldn't recommend these if fish are nosing at it but any other time yes

From: Brady: MS

Comments: These hooks are basically the old mustad wacky hooks with a little drop of lead on the shank. They are absolutely amazing for wacky fishing. They're very weedless and hookups are foolproof. Other wacky hooks I've used wind up hooking bass in the roof of the mouth and often pull out, but these hook the lip every single time.  Once hooked, you almost never lose a fish.  I prefer the 3/0 size for 6 inch senko style baits and larger. If I'm using 5 inches or smaller, the 1/0 size is the way to go if you can get them.

From: Dominic: NJ

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