FLW pro, Tim Farley, is an experienced veteran on Lake Lanier in Georgia, and was also the winner of the FLW Tour event there in 2006.  Blueback herring have eclipsed shad as the top forage for big spotted bass in Lake Lanier, as well as, in other lakes throughout the Eastern US. Extremely detailed and realistic, Farley actually froze blueback herrings and designed the Pro X to be the exact size, profile and color of a live blueback. A great way to attract those big bites, the Farley Baits Pro X Swimbait swims with a wide and erratic, side-to-side action at just about any speed thanks to its double-jointed hard plastic construction and life-like soft plastic tail.

Farley Baits Length Weight Class
Pro X 6" 1-1/4oz Sinking

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: These things KILL! I prefer them to a BBZ 1 but it I like these and the BS and TT the same. I do have to say, these have better Herring color and always gotta support a Lanier veteran!

From: Will: Alpharetta, GA

Comments: Garbage, don't waste your money...stick to the TT's. Bought three in dark and light rainbow and shad. Both rainbows sink and the shad floats...Im sorry but if you spend $50 on a bait it should do what is advertised..SINK. They swim good..lazy s's, good paint and seem durable. Funny thing Ive only got bit on the floater.

From: David: St. George, UT

Comments: Awesome bait.  It is on the heavy side so you'll have to use a little heavier equipment.  But it is a fish catcher.  It casts very well.  Paint-wise, they've got the right idea, very good color approach, which is less detail and prioritize color.   I had fish hitting it on the dead straight swimming with no direction changes.  To me that speaks volumes.  So far this is my favorite hard swimbait. 

From: Scott: Buford, GA

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