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Built using only top-of-the-line components, the Fat Sack Tackle Company Fizzle Jig delivers a high level of attraction and weedless performance. It goes where other vibrating jigs can't - to catch bass that other jigs won't.

Fitted with a matching hex blade, the Fat Sack Tackle Company Fizzle Jig produces a strong vibration and an eye-catching flash. The premium hex blade also pulls double duty as a weedguard to keep the hook point from snagging.

As durable as it is detailed, the Fat Sack Tackle Company Fizzle Jig is covered with a professional-grade paint job that stands head-and-shoulders above your everyday vibrating jig. Finished with an ultra-sharp 4/0 Mustad Needle Point hook, the Fat Sack Tackle Company Fizzle Jig is made to tempt hard-to-reach bass, so you can fatten your bag at your next tournament. 

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Comments: Best chatter-style jig on the market. I use their spinnerbait as well. I hope TW carries more stuff from this company. They have great colors.

From: Fat Mike: CA 11/23/14

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