One thing is certain about any Fenwick rod ever produced – quality. When it comes to heritage, Fenwick is second-to-none. Their rods' legendary performance and attention-to-detail has placed Fenwick at the top of many anglers' lists for over 60 years. Introducing the lightest, most advanced fishing rods in the Fenwick line up yet, the Fenwick Aetos Casting Rods. Built with the same traditional feel of a Fenwick, they have all the swagger of today’s high-tech rods.

Featuring a sleek blue finish, the Aetos Rod Series incorporates a high-modulus blank construction that is not only light, but also remains as durable as the name Fenwick. Premium Titanium Guides with Titanium Inserts compliment each blanks lightweight performance characteristics, and high quality Fuji Skeleton Reel Seats have all but the necessary material removed for a comfortable feel that won’t weigh you down. The TAC split grip handles also provide a better grip the wetter they get, so your hands will never slip in adverse conditions. Incredibly lightweight, sensitive and powerful, the Fenwick Aetos Casting Rods are the rods Elite Series pro, Ott DeFoe uses to stay on top when he’s fishing against the best in the world.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Back and better than ever, the new Fenwick Aetos Casting Rods are lightweight, sensitive and powerful with actions and tapers honed over the 60+ years Fenwick has been in business.

  • Featuring actions, lengths and tapers specifically designed for targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass, Fenwick's legacy of excellence lives on with the Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rods.

  • Fenwick’s rod building experience and cutting-edge technology blend seamless together with the Fenwick HMG Casting Rods to deliver unsurpassed bass fishing performance.

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    Featuring advanced 3M Powerlux Composite blanks and premium Fuji components, the Fenwick World Class Casting Rods deliver world-class fishing rod performance.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I have a Fenwick Argos Casting rod 7ft med/heavy & I found a flaw. The tight screw device when tightening the screw device slides up causing the reel to come undone. Never the less love the rods just not this one sorry.


Comments: I have 8 of the Fenwick Aetos rods and 1 Elite Tech Bass. I fish about 20-30 tournaments a year, and have ran all Fenwick's this whole season. I have currently had the best season of my career, qualifying for the High School National Championship.  I have never had 1 Fenwick break on me due to being stepped on, and Fenwick's support staff got my rod replaced within a week & I was back to a full line up.  Fenwick knocked this rod out of the park. Cannot wait to get my hands on some of the World Class rods before this next season.

From: Blake: Melbourne, KY 12/8/15

Comments: I ordered a couple of these rods a few weeks ago to fish traps with. These rods are possibly the best trap rod out there.The fit and finish of each one is great. I have each paired with a New Curado I reel spooled with 12lb Seaguar fluor. Fenwick builds some of the best rods on earth!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 5/21/15

Comments: Have had this rod for a year now and so far I have no complaints. I have the 7' MH and use it to fish my soft plastics and jigs. It has held up great in the elements from being tossed around and dropped. The Cork is a great addition to the rod and makes to look better than any other rod out there. I have it paired up with an Abu Garcia Gen S & it is lighter than any other rod combination that I own. If your willing to spend some money this is a great rod.

From: Mitch: Brownsburg, IN 3/2/15

Comments: I have the 7' MH and it is the best all around rod i have ever used. i have used just about every rod out there and the blank on this rod has the best action by far. it has a fast tip which works perfectly with soft plastics, but as soon as you use any retrieve lure like a crankbait or spinnerbait the tip has a perfect give to it and a solid backbone.

From: Kurt: Annandale, NJ 3/26/14

Comments: I was so excited when I first heard about these rods and waited 6 months to see these rods at my local store after they became available on the internet. I'm so glad I waited. After having a chance to hold one in my hand and inspecting the rod for quality, I didn't like them one bit. The guides create an obtuse angle for the line to travel through, the line path is not linear which means added line resistance.  The tip is crimped on, then enameled over.  Overall, my impression is that Fenwick focused more on price point for this rod than quality.  So I opted for the Fenwick Silver Hawk and paired it with a Lew's Tournament Pro and the feel of that combo is awesome! 

From: Thor, MN

Comments: I've been using the Aetos 7' Medium casting with a Lew's Tourney Pro and let me tell you this....absolutely one of the sweetest setups I've ever used! Amazing rod!

From: Larry: Mount Airy, NC

Comments: These rods are absolutely the reel deal.  I was curious when I saw them since Fenwick was a any species rod but I can tell you all the rods are fit for a specific technique and really get the job done.  My favorite is the crankbait rod, the 7ft Medium action rod.  Very comparable to the G loomis rods.

From: Marcus: Monticello, IA

Comments: I just picked up two of these rods and they are great rods. Extrememly light, beautifully accented unigue  blue blanks. They have the same guides as the abu villain making very light and strong. The butts/handles are perfect in that they have cork handles and cork forward of the fuji reel seat, instead of having an exposed thread. They marry perfectly with my gen3 revos when cinched down. The actions are definitley a tad heavier then the typical japanese actions but with enough actions to pick from you can still select a rod that is perfect for your style of fishing. The first eye seat is set with carbon and the rest with thread. My only neg observation, at first, is the tip seemed big. So i grabbed my steez and put them side by side. The aetos is really only one size larger and made of the same ti frame and supposedly better inserts. So, if your a traditionalist like me, then the aeto's rods matches up new technology with classic stylings to make a rod that harkens back our youth.  Good job fenwick!!

From: John: Bordentown, NJ

Comments: I agree with rick. I have two elite tech smallmouth casting rods, and two spinning rods in the same lineup. They are great rods. Very light, sensitive, and comfortable to fish. I just ordered two aetos and can't wait to try them out. I will post an actual review of these rods when i get a chance to fish them. Please tw, expand your selection of fenwick rods!

From: Dan: WV

Comments: i own 2 fenwick rods an elite tech smallmouth and a hmx and they are both very light and well balanced. i hope twh will expand to include more of the fenwick lineup

From: Rick: Mansfield, OH

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