Developed to provide all the attributes you need for smallmouth fishing, the new Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth Casting Rods are the culmination of over 50 years of rod building experience, quality components, and input from some of the best smallmouth anglers from around the Country. The high modulus graphite blanks were designed specifically for smallmouth fishing with the perfect actions and tapers to cast light baits and haul in angry smallmouth. New titanium frame guides with Zirconium inserts help reduce overall rod weight, as well as, wear and tear on your line, and advanced TAC inlay reel seats provide the ultimate in comfort and function. The reel seats' new "hidden handle" design with TAC inlay means your hands aren’t rubbing against the reel seat threads and won’t get slippery in adverse conditions. Perfect for smallmouth applications, the Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth Casting Rods have what it takes to tackle all species of bass.

-Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Back and better than ever, the new Fenwick Aetos Casting Rods are lightweight, sensitive and powerful with actions and tapers honed over the 60+ years Fenwick has been in business.

  • Featuring actions, lengths and tapers specifically designed for targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass, Fenwick's legacy of excellence lives on with the Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rods.

  • Fenwick’s rod building experience and cutting-edge technology blend seamless together with the Fenwick HMG Casting Rods to deliver unsurpassed bass fishing performance.

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    Featuring advanced 3M Powerlux Composite blanks and premium Fuji components, the Fenwick World Class Casting Rods deliver world-class fishing rod performance.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I had to chuckle when I saw this on the TW site. I bought this in a 6'10" Med Casting model a while back to throw small cranks with. Found it on sale online & had good reviews... I sold it on craig's list within a month. I've never held a rod that almost has no grip at all - speaking of the main part of the grip that you palm when holding the rod. I have medium size hands & a third of my hand wound up off the cork & onto the blank. That may be a nifty idea for some, but it literally felt unstable in my hand and felt like I would throw it accidently... I bought rod wrap & tried to create my own grip by tightly winding a BUNCH of that stuff. I fished that way for a while & it never felt right. When I finished 'creating' a grip on there, the butt end of the rod was right by my hand. For reference, I measured the rod from the reel seat to the tip and it was slightly longer (maybe 1/4") than the 7' 'normal' rods I own. Just an odd bird of a rod. Good for a laugh. A lot of people really seem to like it though... I hope the guy that bought mine likes it.... 

From: Midwest Basser: KC, Kansas

Comments: Great rod. Looks awesome and is awesome! I just bought it and my first fish on it was a 19 inch smallie. The rod handled it great. Thanks Fenwick!
( I bought the 6'10" medium 1 piece)

From: Henry: Richmond, VA, USA

Comments: Be aware of this lockdown---they do strip out...oth of the smallmouth elite techs did that and reel popped out. They tried this with the Techna Av's one year and it was a total failure and went back to the fuji reel seat. If they did a skelton reel seat on these like the Aetos...They would have a add some seven footers and maybe a 7-2' in with a soft tip and call it a ML lure weight 1/16 oz to 5/8 oz. It can be done. But fix that reel seat and make the lockdown separate from the foregrip or get rid of foregrip

From: Eric: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Comments: The 6'10MH-MF is one of the most versatile reastion bait rods I ever used! it has an action that allows one to fish jerkbaits and square bill cranks effectively and still have enough flex to fight fish hooked on treble hook lures while having the backbone to drive home the large hooks of spinnerbaits, swim jigs, and chatterbaits! I love this rod!!

From: Dan: PA

Comments: 6'10" Medium pairs nicely with a Daiwa Sol for finesse casting down to 1/8oz total lure weight. Very light combo, and very sensitive. I have the two piece version for ease of transport, and had to shop elsewhere since TW does not carry it.

From: Dylan: South central Minnesota

Comments: mine broke

From: Wade: SC

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