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In 1973 Fenwick revolutionized the fishing industry with the introduction of the first graphite rods - the HMG Series. Now over 40 years later, Fenwick continues to push the threshold of rod innovation with the introduction of the new HMG Casting Rods - the lightest, strongest HMG’s ever made.

Featuring ultra sensitive Carbon Bound blanks, Fenwick’s spiral wrapped carbon threading process creates unparalleled strength and precise actions. Sculpted TAC and EVA blended handles and soft-touch Fuji reel seats also combine to deliver outstanding control and maximum comfort - all while keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Premium deep-pressed Titanium Guides help eliminate the issue of inserts popping out, and are virtually bullet-proof to stand up to braided line and years of fishing. Fenwick’s rod building experience and cutting-edge technology blend seamless together with the Fenwick HMG Casting Rods to deliver unsurpassed bass fishing performance.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    Back and better than ever, the new Fenwick Aetos Casting Rods are lightweight, sensitive and powerful with actions and tapers honed over the 60+ years Fenwick has been in business.

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    Featuring advanced 3M Powerlux Composite blanks and premium Fuji components, the Fenwick World Class Casting Rods deliver world-class fishing rod performance.

  • Featuring actions, lengths and tapers specifically designed for targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass, Fenwick's legacy of excellence lives on with the Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rods.

  • Fenwick’s rod building experience and cutting-edge technology blend seamless together with the Fenwick HMG Casting Rods to deliver unsurpassed bass fishing performance.

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    The lightest and most advanced rods in the Fenwick line up to date, the Fenwick Aetos Casting Rods deliver the same traditional feel and durability of Fenwick - now with the swagger of today's high-tech rods.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased the 7' MH & I love this thing! Very sensitive, lightweight. The grip is very comfortable & the backbone is much stronger than I thought. Can easily boat flip heavier fish (although I wouldn't test that too far). Will definitely buy again!

From: Noah: Montreal, QC 5/29/16

Comments: I love this rod. Sensitivity fantastic for a rod in this price range. Great backbone, the rod feels durable. I love the full grip and the TAC material. My next rod purchases are going to be HMG's.

From: Chris: WI 1/31/16

Comments:  I bought the 7' Medium Fast. Great for light texas rigs, weightless applications & spinnerbaits or chatter baits. Great hook keeper. No complaints from me. Good price as well.

From: Garrett: Denton, TX 1/1/16

Comments: I picked this rod up in the start of the summer for bass fishing and it is amazing. Really sensitive and great backbone. This rod is very durable also, and good price too.

From: John: Green Bay, WI 9/21/15

Comments: I use the Aetos series of rods a lot and they are awesome but I got a 7'2" M-MF HMG for throwing big square bills and wake baits and since I've been using it I still can't believe the rod is only $100. It is a medium rod with a decent backbone so you can bang a square bill through cover and not wear yourself out and the reel seat with the longer handle really makes it just great to fish, Fenwick is doing a great job of making high performing rods at an affordable price.

From: Dan: PA 4/28/15

Comments: recently bought the 7' MH for big wormin, jigs, etc. The rods are incredible for the price. Insanely sensitive with 12-15 lb flouro. Great backbone with enough tip to really finesse a jig or worm. Even skips pretty good. Buy this rod

From: Jared: TN 10/8/14

Comments: These are not set the world on fire unique by any standard. They are great work horse rods. I use the 7'2" medium moderate fast for slip bobbers and walleye rigging as they a load up well in those applications. These are good rods for the money, but they do lack anything especially sexy, they just work. Fenwick might want to consider having the pro they have demonstrating these rods have a deck full of them rather than their more expensive cousins on his deck. Telling me how much he likes them would seem more sincere to me if he had more than one, and not a BUNCH, of fancier ones on his deck. I'm just saying...

From: Lou: Cincinnati, OH 8/15/14

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