The new generation of Fenwick HMX Casting Rods build on the tradition and performance of the originals. HMX isn't just another name on another rod. HMX has stood tall, strong and steady against constant challenges, and has yet to waver. Featuring a proprietary cross-scrim graphite blank construction that utilizes overlapping layers of carbon fiber, the new HMX series delivers exceptional sensitivity and strength with the perfect actions for a range of bass fishing applications. Durable, lightweight guides with stainless steel frames and oxide inserts also have the wherewithal to perform when records are on the line. Fenwick even strategically placed TAC material in the cork handles to provide added comfort and performance in all weather conditions. Whether your hands get slippery from sweat, slime or rain, the HMX Series will stay firmly in your grasp. If you liked the HMX series before, you won’t be disappointed. The new Fenwick HMX Series Casting Rods are the best ones yet.

-Backed by a 5-year Warranty (from original purchase date)

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fishing many tournaments a year the HMX has proven it's self. I have found many upscale priced rods used as loners did not justify the price. The range fits many of the patterns used. Having culled the other brands to Fenwick has been a game changer for me .Hours on the water has after all been the test. Customer service is outstanding. A tried and true product.

From: Jeffro: Lakeland, FL 8/22/16

Comments: THIS ROD IS AMAZING. I've been fishing the 704 fast model for about a year now & it has caught me more fish than any other rod I have. I mainly use it for Texas rigging senkos, but it is also a great stick for spinnerbaits, small jigs, flipping & pitching & frogs. Put some 15 lb fluoro on it & you will be able to throw just about anything. Pros - versatile, looks great, low price, lightweight, reel adjustment fits tight & great customer service if you have a problem. Cons - guides will occasionally bend out (all you need to do is bend them back)

From: Jake: USA 7/28/16

Comments: Been using this rod for 5 months now and its starting to fall apart. The cork below the reel seat came apart from the rod so the reel will spin around the rod unless i duct tape it. Guides are starting to show wear

From: Ryan: NC 3/24/15

Comments: Have this rod about 7 months now. Its nice and light to use all day, cought plenty of big strip bass. Only con about is the guides. The top ring is already showing some wears. Using sufix elite mono. Using a few extra dollar, the HMG is a much better choice.

From: Pao Moua: Fresno, CA 11/24/14

Comments: the rod is an amazing rod.i bought the 7'6" for flipping and was not disappointed at all. only thing that i didn't like from it was that the part that tightens the reel in stripped and every cast i try to make it loosens up and the reel almost falls off.

From: Brok: MN 11/18/14

Comments: Just like all the reviews, this rod is amazing, just came in the mail today, super light, medium heavy is more of a fast tip than a mod fast. Sweet ass rod. will update when i start using it more

From: Ryan: NC 10/17/14

Comments: All I can say is... buy freaking Fenwick rods and you won't be disappointed! Best rods on the market I have over 15 Fenwick rods total and have never had any problem, they are built to last and great looking. Tackle Warehouse should carry more of these rods.

From: Brady: Eldridge, IA 5/20/14

Comments: Was looking for a sick to use for pitching and throwing jigs, this rod fits that bill perfect!  I can pitch a jig right into tight spots with this and then turn around and launch the same jig to some deep rocks.  Very comfortable to use.  Great price for a great rod.  Might have to switch to Fenwick HMX rods.

From: Kirk: Roscoe, IL 4/20/14

Comments: VERY well built rod. Tried all the leading rods - all of them. Kept coming back to the HMX for feel and quality. Couldn't be happier. This is a top level rod with great action, old school craftsmanship, at an outstanding price. Buy it.

From: Jon: Fargo, ND 3/17/14

Comments: very good reel for the price. sensitive, decently light and has superior power. I have the 7' MH rod paired with a lews tournament mg and can cast spinnerbaits a mile. also good when texas rigging larger plastics

From: Dan: Chicago IL

Comments: The 7-6" may feel to some like a moderate...but not to me , defnantely too fast for Crankbaits. TW has it as a Mof-Fast Taper, I do not know why, because it is clearly marked as fast on the rod blank and also on the Fenwick Website.

From: Eric: Council bluffs, Iowa

Comments: I got the 6'6" model. It is very sensitive, light weight, and well balanced. The grips are great even with wet hands. Great for anglers of all skill levels.

From: Dan: Elgin, IL, USA

Comments: I got the 7'6"H, really like it. its not that stiff and it bends like a moderate action, pretty light, and really sturdy feeling rod. also the its built nice the guides and cork are nice as well. I put a abu revo s on mine, plan on buying the medium for cranking

From: Wyatt: Syracuse, NY

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