The Fin-tech SS Minnow Swim/Spin Jig features a lifelike fish head profile and keel shape design that keeps it running true and prevents it from rolling over. A unique dual line-tie also provides you with the versatility to change your presentation quickly as conditions dictate. The top line-tie is ideal for vertical jigging and an aggressive vibrating swimming action, while the nose line-tie provides a more subtle swimming action. A removable Spin Blade, complete with a ball bearing swivel, adds additional flash and vibration to draw fish in from a wide area, or for a less aggressive action you can remove the blade and/or also for tie on a stinger hook for short biters. Also equipped with a double wire barb keeper system and a super sharp Mustad Ultra Point Hook, rig your favorite swimbait tail on the Fin-tech SS Minnow Swim/Spin Jig and go to work.

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