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Fin-tech Title Shot Jig 2pk - $3.09 to $5.49

At the heart of the patented Fin-tech Title Shot Jig is its collapsible Retainer/Guard System. When a fish bites down on the jig, the Retainer/Guard collapses, allowing its Mustad Ultra Point Wide Gap Hook to come into play for higher hook up ratios, while also helping to keep your bait from getting destroyed. Its bullet-style, modified stand-up head is virtually weedless as well, which helps it come through a variety of cover and/or structure, and glide through grass with ease. The Fin Tech Title Shot Jig won’t rotate on the retrieve either, eliminating line twist. Available in a variety of colors, the Fin-tech Title Shot Jig is a super swim jig also ideal for rigging a variety of soft plastics, including spider grubs and tubes.

Comments: These jigs are the best I have ever used. Its amazing nobody here uses these. Instead of changing jigs all day to find the right color you can just pop a different skirt and trailer on. The hooksets are near 100 percent due to the lack of weedguard, and this jig goes through grass without bringing back any muck. I read these reviews all the time and this is my first. Believe this these are awesome.

From: Thomas: Troy, AL 4/9/14

Comments: Rich that posted below told me of these 5-6 years ago. These jigs are great also with neutral buoyant baits like the Power Team Lures products . It allows the bait to stand right up. Last season I was using the Title Shot for a swim jig by just adding my own skirt to the keeper and putting the trailer over that.  These jigs are very versatile !!

From: Stumpy: Northford, CT

Comments: 11-22-12: This is an excellent jig for soft plastic swimbaits like "swimtails". I've used it with the Larue Sweet Oil paddletail. I got the 1/4 oz. which has a 4/0 wide gap hook. It is amazing how it skims over rocks or can work its way among them with very few snags. My only suggestions for improvements would be to thin out the hook point for better penetration and curve it down a little to make it easier to "skin" a trailer.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

Comments: Great jig!  I found out about this product after Dave Wolaks win on Champlain last year and have been fishing it ever since.  It comes through grass great.  It doesnÕt get snagged up in wood, whatÕs not to like?  IÕm shocked more people donÕt use them.  Swim Ôem, flip Ôem, cast Ôem, it doesnÕt matter they work!

From: Michael: Freeport, PA

Comments: This is by far the best tool I've ever used for presenting soft plastics. It's pretty much eliminated the regular Texas rig from my arsenal. Surer hooking and soft, sal-laden baits last way longer on the Title Shot.

From: Rich: Stevenson, CT

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Fin-tech Title Shot Jig 2pk

5 Available Colors

  • Black Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 10+ $3.09
    3/16 10+ $3.19
    1/4 10+ $3.49
    3/8 9 $3.79
    1/2 10+ $3.79
    3/4 5 $4.49
    1 oz. 10+ $4.99
  • Brown Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 6 $3.09
    3/16 10+ $3.19
    1/4 10 $3.49
    3/8 10+ $3.79
    1/2 2 $3.79
    3/4 7 $4.49
    1 oz. 10+ $4.99
  • Day-Brite Silver with Eye
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 11/07 $3.59
    3/16 9 $3.19
    1/4 8 $5.49
    3/8 5 $3.99
    1/2 7 $3.99
    3/4 10+ $3.99
    1 oz. 7 $5.29
  • Melon Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 4 $3.09
    3/16 10+ $3.19
    1/4 5 $3.49
    3/8 10+ $3.79
    1/2 10+ $3.79
    3/4 6 $4.49
    1 oz. 10 $4.99
  • White Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 11/07 $3.09
    3/16 10+ $3.19
    1/4 3 $3.49
    3/8 10+ $3.79
    1/2 5 $3.79
    3/4 2 $4.49
    1 oz. 10 $4.99