The aptly named Fish Arrow Best Crank provides a devastating shallow-water presentation that fish simply cannot resist. Perfect for working along the edge of structure and over shallow weed beds, the Fish Arrow Best Crank features a thin, yet durable square lip that creates excellent deflections.

The Fish Arrow Best Crank also comes equipped with a centralized one-point weighting system, which gives it high buoyancy and helps generate long distance casts with ease. To bring the chunky profile of the Fish Arrow Best Crank to life, the body features intricate scaling and lifelike 3D eyes. Finished with two sticky-sharp treble hooks, the Fish Arrow Best Crank lives up to its name, delivering unbeatable performance that will make bass think twice before heading into shallow water. 

Fish Arrow  Length Weight
Best Crank  2-1/8"  1/3-oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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