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Thoroughly tested and highly effective, the Fish Arrow Best Spinnerbait produces a bright, offbeat flash that stands out in clear water situations. To create a more erratic and natural blade rotation, the willow blades on the Fish Arrow Best Spinnerbait are perforated along the edges. This modification gives the Fish Arrow Spinnerbait an erratic flash that more closely imitates what a bass might see in nature.

For an increased attraction and performance, the Fish Arrow Best Spinnerbait is built with a high-quality finish, premium skirting, a razor-sharp hook, and a barbed baitkeeper. Offered in a number of fish-catching colors, the Fish Arrow Best Spinnerbait provides an unconventional presentation that gets the job done when standard spinnerbaits just aren’t cutting it. 

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Comments: This is a subtle lure. Beautiful finish. It's very well crafted & fairly durable. Not bullet proof, I bounced mine off of rocks & it chipped but only slightly. You can burn the bait with no rollover. Expensive, but different enough from most other spinnerbaits that it might pay in heavily fished waters. That's where it paid off for me. 

From: Harold: West Point, NY 10/14/15

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