Fish Arrow Best Vibration - $16.99

Built with a broader-than-average profile, the Fish Arrow Best Vibration can attack bass in all areas of the water-column with a boisterous and aggressive presentation. Internally, the Fish Arrow Best Vibration features a tri-chamber rattle system that wakes bass up and grabs their attention.

To give the Fish Arrow Best Vibration an energized hunting action, the front of the head is built with a precisely shaped divot, which displaces water and gives it a seductive shimmy on the retrieve. In addition, the Fish Arrow Best Vibration also has a fixed balancer system that enhances casting distance and gives it an enticing wobble on the fall. Armed with two sticky-sharp treble hooks, the Fish Arrow Best Vibration delivers a high-frequency action that drives bass wild.

Fish Arrow  Length Weight
Best Vibration  2.6" 2/3oz

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Fish Arrow Best Vibration

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  • Ghost Gill
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  • Kinkuro
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  • Silver Ayu
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  • Silver Shad
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