Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard 3pk - $7.49

Designed with the same mouth-watering appeal as the original, the Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard allows anglers to fish whacky-rigged soft plastics in vegetation and brush thanks to a V-shaped fiber weedguard. For even more appeal, the Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard is also affixed with a premium prop blade, which tempts bass with a tantalizing mixture of vibrations, pulsation, and underwater noise. To keep soft plastics firmly in place and prevent the prop blade from sliding down, the Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard is built with a rubber cone stopper along the shank of the hook. Dive into thick cover with more confidence than ever with the Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard. 

Fish Arrow Weight Quantity
1.4g 1/20oz 3
1.8g 1/16oz 3
2.2g 1/13oz 3
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Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard 3pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard 1.4g $7.49 5+
Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard 1.8g $7.49 5+
Fish Arrow Whicky Head Guard 2.2g $7.49 5+

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Comments: Poor product imho, the 2.2g hook just doesn't hold fish. The majority of fish are hooked in the flesh of the side or top of the mouth, and the barb doesn't stick very well and the hook is very small.  I use it on nose hooked squirrel tail worms and flick shake worms, the hook is not big enough to use with wacky rigged senkos. Additionally the little rubber stopper, slides down the shank of the hook causing the blade to get into the bend with certain baits. Good luck hooking a fish with a metal propeller in the bend. POSITIVES. Good weedguard and quality blade and head pour. Hook is sharp, but there definitely are sharper out of the box. Very good finesse weedguard. Blade spins at low speeds with no effort.

From: Unknown: USA 6/17/14

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