The Fishbelly Kick-S Shad is a new soft plastic swimbait designed with a kick-tail. The Kick-S Shad features a ribbed, pyramid-shaped tail that delivers more of a fluttering vibration effect for slow retrieval and pause to provoke strikes. This allows the lure to "swim" naturally like a bait fish wagging its tail. This design is most effective in a slow, deep retrieval or bouncing slightly off the bottom. The Fishbelly Kick-S catches more fish with a "kick".

All Fishbelly hand-poured soft lures are made from supple silicone material that produces a truly natural swimming motion. They all feature big, natural eyes, full-body shapes that match live bait, and colors that radiate with an iridescent sheen.

Length Quantity
5" 5
6" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments:Plastic is not durable, a strike will destroy, especially the nose area. No belly slot for the hook. This product needs some serious R & D.

From:Tom: Lagrange, GA

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