Built with a long, slithering body style, the Fishoey Lures 12-Inch Doggerworm delivers an alluring presentation that works with a host of different techniques. Whether it is on a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, drop shot, or fished weightless, the Fishoey Lures 12-Inch Doggerworm's large profile makes it is easy for fish to spot and it's elongated tail creates natural movements they can't resist. Offered in a number of bass-catching colors, the Fishoey Lures 12-Inch Doggerworm is the perfect bait for weeding out smaller bass and concentrating on that kicker fish.  

Length Quantity
12"  7

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: These are deadly on a stand up style shakey head!! The end of the tail quivers w/ the slightest movment. You really don't need to impart much action at all. I've been getting some really good fish on these. Even the dinks swallow the whole thing. I highly recommend these!!

From: Ryan: Evansville, IN 6/18/14

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