For quick, precision netting, the Fishpond Nomad Boat Net is the premiere choice. Made from a lightweight carbon fiber/fiberglass composite, the Fishpond Nomad Boat Net is incredibly easy to maneuver and weighs in at just 1.6lbs (with the bag attached).

Built to handle all conditions, the Fishpond Nomad Boat Net is completely weatherproof and designed to float like a cork if it goes overboard. The Fishpond Nomad Boat Net is also UV-proof, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it out in the sun trip-after-trip, and it comes outfitted with rubberized paint for a sure hold - even in wet conditions.

As an added bonus, the Fishpond Nomad Boat Net features a 27" scale along the handle for a quick-and-convenient means of measuring fish. The durable, rubber netting is also easier on fish, so they make it to the scales and back in the water healthy and strong. Ensure that every fish makes it into the boat with the Fishpond Nomad Boat Net.

Length: 55"
Head Dimensions: 16”W x 24.75”L


-Lightweight, durable carbon fiber/fiberglass composite
-Waterproof and weatherproof
-27” scale on side of the handle
-Lightweight and durable nets
-Durable rubber bag
-Extra-long handle for extra-wily fish

Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty 

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