Please Note: Fizards may harden up due to cold during shipping and storage - but this is easy to fix. Please see instructions & product video below.

Fizards Baits are a revolutionary new attractant that draws in all species of fish with patent-pending, shad-infused micro bubbles. Once in the water, Fizards Baits activate and begin to release millions of bubbles laced with shad oil that fish can see, taste, smell, and feel. 100% biodegradable and made in America, Fizards Baits attach to almost any lure to give it an irresistible, slow releasing attraction that is unlike anything else on the market.

Incorporate Fizards Baits into all of your fishing techniques by molding it around the the shank of hooks, underneath jig skirts, or ball it up and cover the hook entirely for an unbelievably effective presentation. You can also change the color of your jig quickly and without re-tying by covering the head with your favorite color of Fizards Baits. There is no magic bait that can guarantee a fish on every cast, but Fizards Baits will make your chances of catching better than ever. 

Note from Fizards on how to revive your cold Fizard Baits: When receiving your Fizards, because of climate change through shipping, if Fizards get cold they may become stiff. No worries!  Just like we tell everyone that uses Fizards for ice fishing just keep them in your inside pocket close to your body (98.6deg body heat). And some customers even throw a hand warmer in the same pocket with their Fizards. Never add water to the Fizards in the jar as water is the activator. Get it on the water and catch some fish, and don't forget your Fizards! Thank you. Fizards.

Click Here - for Ice Fishing with Fizards video.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: I tried the Pearl color today while ice fishing. I did watch a video from Fizards promoting it for ice fishing. I had a camera right on the bait and there were no bubbles like there are in the video, none! Maybe it will work better in the summer, not impressed yet. It does have a strong smell. It is very hard and must be warm to put on a lure.

From: Jason: IN

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