Flambeau AZ3 Soft Side Satchel with Zerust - $29.99

The Flambeau AZ3 Soft Side Tackle System is designed for comfort and portability. Featuring oversized zippers, padded shoulder straps, and exterior bungee cords for additional storage, the AZ3 has a large top loading compartment that comes loaded with three 3003 Tuff ‘Tainer Tackle Boxes. The AZ3 also comes equipped with additional zippered and mesh pockets for added storage versatility.

The three 3003 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Boxes also feature revolutionary Zerust technology. Zerust has proven to be the absolute best way to protect your tackle against rust and corrosion. Molded into the dividers, the patented Zerust polymer emits a harmless vapor, forming a protective layer around metal surfaces. All Zerust products maintain their effectiveness for up to five years or more. Transport your tackle safely and comfortably with the Flambeau AZ3 Soft Side Tackle System.

-Includes three Flambeau 3003 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Boxes

Dimensions: 10" x 4.75" x 5"

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Flambeau AZ3 Soft Side Satchel with Zerust

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