Skirts Unlimited Flatline Rubber Tarantula Series 10pk

Skirts Unlimited Flatline Rubber Tarantula Series 10pk
Give your jig a different look with Skirts Unlimited Flatline Rubber Tarantula Series. Flatline Rubber Tarantula tabs are made from 100% natural rubber. The strands are flat which gives a huge advantage over round. A flat surface gives a larger surface area which will displace more water than a rounded surface. If you take that basic concept over to fishing you can understand why flat will have more movement in the water when compared to round rubber. The Flatline Rubber Tarantula tabs measure a full 1 1/4" wide and a little over 5 1/2" long with 22 strands and can be mixed with silicone or used by themselves. The Tarantula Series strands offer are wider cut than a traditional silicone skirt tab, offering the angler an option to make finer by using a razor blade or cutting tool.

Length Width
5.5" 1.25"

5 Colors

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