Flipin The Bird Topwater Bait

An innovative new topwater lure, Flipin The Bird has been generating ferocious topwater strikes across the Country. Completely weedless, you can throw it into the heaviest cover and nastiest slop - all of the same places you throw a frog or rat bait. It looks and acts like a bird that has fallen into the water, and once you twitch it, it easily generates a distressed bird action that big bass can’t resist. Its hollow body also provides excellent collapsibility for solid hooksets.  Available in a variety of realistic color combinations, the Flipin The Bird topwater bait  mimics a bird so well bass can’t help themselves.

  Length Weight
Flipin The Bird 2-3/4" 5/8oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love flipping the bird to hungry largemouth bass, while fishing the Flipin The Bird Topwater Bait. Tried and true, this hollow body frog really gets the fishes aggression flowing.  Motioning, " I am a easy meal ! " ; while the entire time in sheep's clothing. What a sneaky trick to play on the wise monster bass of the outdoors. Oh well, it's just an other step in evolution! Fish on!   

From: James: Montverde, Florida 2/5/17

Comments: Bought my first Flipin The Bird and it was warp and hook was out of place. Thought of giving this lure a second chance because I enjoy the action and i bought my second one and it was a keeper. Didn't have to modify it. Lure comes ready to fish out of the box. I think if anyone ever bought a frog lure, a mouse lure, a live traget sunfish lure, a crayfish lure, a snake lure you just might as well grab this bird lure too. Bottom line you can't go wrong with this lure.

From: Yang: Stockton, CA 6/7/16

Comments: This is one awesome bait throw next to the Tuleys got a nice 4lber I recommend this & got a nice 4lber I recommend this bait bait it does get fish.

From: George: Santa Paula, CA 4/5/16

Comments: If you haven't watched the tutorial for how to modify it then it wont land upright every time. It is truly something different from other top water baits I've used. Gotta grab yourself one. 

From: B. Heu: WA 4/4/15

Comments: I purchased these from the originals & they kept flipping over on it back. I contacted the company & the CEO replaced all of the hooks in each bird & they work great! Great company with excellent customer service.

From: Kevin: Radcliff, KY 3/2/15

Comments: This bait looks rely nice, although it has a very poor hook up ratio. It also lands upside down in the water a lot. Its a fun bait to throw, but it doesn't work any better than a normal frog.

From: Justin: CT 1/4/15

Comments: It's an Ok lure, sure it catches bass but it has a problem landing right side up. So you must make a modified weight for it. To me it's not worth the price, but maybe if they fixed that problem it would be.

From: Clayton: Jacksonville, FL 12/28/14

Comments: Best top water hollow bait ever created! That's what I hear from Anglers across the country when they learn how to Flip the Bird. Check out the Product Video right here on this website.  I am so confident you will love this bait, that I offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who regrets the purchase. If you need help with the Bird or want to talk Bird, call me direct at 831-254-4900. This lure is designed to be fished in calm shade under trees and along side tullies. Braided line is strongly recommended and you must "think" Bird. Quivers and twitches is all you need to bring this lure to life!

From: Sam: Watsonville, CA 6/25/14

Comments: I own 4 of these bought one the rest were givin to me. its a cool lure, but the hook up ratio is horrible even after bending up the hooks and boiling the bodies. its a fact that it does land upside down alot, its not to difficult to roll over once you get used to it but just hassle. hook up ratio is the real problem though, i wouldn't recommend buying these.

From: Unknown: CA 4/23/14

Comments: I purchased the mike long version and threw it from the bank today to see how it works. It needed very little trimming per online video instructions. After reading some of the reviews I was surprised that it landed on it's belly each time (made about 20 cast). Threw it over log and weeds and it was very weedless even after bending hooks out. Not crazy about the hooks because there are better hooks on the market but that's a personal preference. Will have to judge hooks and hookups later. So far I can't find anything to really complain about. Will have to give it 4 stars with a 5th star pending some hard time on the water.

From: Brian: SC 4/5/14

Comments: This lure is garbage. I ordered one from Sam and it had multiple problems. The main problem was that the hooks were inside out. I've tried to contact Sam through phone and email and I haven't gotten anything back yet. It's been 4 months now. Waste of money and horrible customer service. Spend your money elsewhere.

From: Roger: Minneapolis, MN 3/8/14

Comments: Twice now i have seen a baby and a mature red winged black bird fall in the water in different ponds, and i'll tell you they both got lucky because i rescued em, but bass love anything making a scene on the surface, this lure probably has the same exact action as the bird, just make consistent short snaps with the rod tip with a pause here and there and i'm positive you'll catch a quality fish, so i'm going to pick one up in the near future

From: Stephen: Manchester, CT

Comments: This bait flat out catches giant bass.  I've owned the thing for about 6 months and I've already caught three 8 lbers down here and not a scratch to show for it.  Not only am I impressed with its durability, but also am I thoroughly pleased with his bait's ability to fish weedless through the thickest, nastiest vegetation and still provide a solid hookup ratio.  I purchased it in the Red Winged Black Bird and it works fantastic.  Its especially effective at being worked in place after repetitive sweeps with the rod.  Action looks sick too.  I highly recommend this lure.

From: Tyler: FL

Comments: I spoke to Sam about my Original bird lures rolling over and he offered to replace the hooks at no charge! Now, that is what I call Customer Service! I can tell you from experience, these lures work, I do not care what anybody says! Thanks Sam

From: Kevin: Radcliff, Kentucky

Comments: Easily the Best Hollow bodied bait ever created. It does not sink, lays flat, superb profile, stays in the strike zone longer, great hook up ratio, will catch over 50 fish before it wears out and catches big 'uns!  When it comes to early morning and late evening topwater fishing, I wouldn't use anything else. I am so confident in this lure that I offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.  If you do not like the Bird lure, then I don't want you to have it. Go to www.Flipinthebird.com and see my personal guarantee.  So far only one person requested a refund and that was because of a faulty hook. I would rather give your money back than to have you bash my lure. And since my guarantee has been offered from the beginning and you have not requested a refund, I wonder if you two are affiliated with a competing bait company?

From: Sam the inventor: Watsonville, Ca

Comments: It's awful, sad but true. I was looking forward to using this bait so much and it is a huge disappointment. Way too stiff, rolls over on almost every cast... just not worth the money.

From: Allen: Troy, Alabama

Comments: They should call this bait rollin over the bird because Thats all that is does. I love throwing top waters So you could imagine how excited i was to throw this one 12 casts 12 roll overs, i was very pissed off and disapointed Do not waist ur money!!!

From: Travis: merrimack nh

Comments:  These lures are exactly as they look in the picture, nothing deceitful about them.  The wings are great and the action works just as well as the videos.  Unfortunately it's still winter here in Minnesota so I haven't had the chance to to use it on the lakes to it's full potential, only on the river.  I watched the videos and trimmed the wings to 1 3/4 inches and it helped in flipping the bird right side up but as Sam Kennedy mentioned in his video, birds do land upside down in the water before fluttering and flipping themselves right side up.  Excited to give this lure a real shot this summer!  Thank you Sam Kennedy!

From: Allen: Twin Cities, MN

Comments:  the cover of Bassmaster magazine December 2012 issue as a "must have" bait for 2013. Reffered to as possibly the best hollow bodied top water bait ever created. Does not sink, durable, weed less, realistic profile, and catches big'uns!  Three other independent reveiw sites rated the bird 4 out of 5 stars and one site gave it 5 out 5. The only money back "satisfaction guaranteed" lure on the market today. oin the next best thing in top water fishing, and start Flip in the Bird!

From: Sam: Watsonville, CA

Comments: great concept, subpar design. - all of these tend to land upside down about half of the time - and with all due respect to mr. kennedy it's less about the bird profile when that happens and more about hook position. and i don't care how skilled you are most of the time this type of bait is casted into the strike zone - by the time you work it close enough to "flip" the flippin bird over it's kind of a mute point. this thing has massive potential, but in my opinion sam rushed it to market and the current design is lacking. i have had fish blow up on it and it has a lower catch ratio than any other topwater i've used. i wanted this to be the answer to the big girls that you see taking swipes at birds and ignoring the frogs/mice you throw at them - but so far it's not. here's hoping we see "new and IMPROVED" next to the name this coming spring.

From: Matt: Northeast AZ

Comments: I like this bait allot. Needs to be weighted different though because it lands upside down as much as right side up. Walks awesome...What I dont like about most frogs is they take on water and sit too low or sink, this one hardly takes in any. I am going to try and modify it so it doesnt land upside- down, and  It will be my go-to frog type bait. We have a bunch of small brown birds where I live that sit on the tullies, id like to see a brown version!

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments: Not to happy with the bird don't be fooled By the videos on u tube. My kvd out fished this bait 5 to 1 Not worth 12 bucks

From: Jim: Livonia, MI

Comments: throw it where , sharp hooks,walks the dog good

From: Dylan: MD

Comments: i have to say these baits are awsome. here on the CA delta the monsters dont always want to eat frogs. they see them enuff, Everyone out there chucks frogs but flip in the bird and the monsters like..

From: Gabe: Brentwood, CA

Comments: Its a GREAT bait,the first time I  used it was at a small pond and just wanted to see how it looked when BAM...FISH ON and going deep.Not only did she bite it she was heading deep to eat it.

From: Moonbaby: Milan, TN

Comments: This bird is amazing. Koppers, Strike king, Spro, Snag Proof, deps, optimum, scum frog, river2sea, booya,evolve and even jackall NONE of them stand a chance to the bird. if you want a effective way to target weed choked bay get the bird. WALKS FLAWLESSLY. theres no weight in it but its okay. best walking hollow body, and gets huge BLOW UPS. 100% weedless. theres a review up on youtube about this "frog". they stand up to the biggest fish SUPER SOFT TOO. if you want a quality frog get the bird!!!

From: Bass2bilfish: FL

Comments: Very innovative bait, been thinking about this kind of bait for a while now, glad someone executed it the right way. I can for sure say it is better than a frog in CERTAIN situations. Underhanging trees, reedlines, and underwater brush are what to look for when fishing this bait. Pads, grass, mats, and other vegatation, stick with the frog. But the walk is tight, heavy enough to chunk it, hookupsare great, profile is beautiful. It is an awesome bait for sure, but dont replace the frog with this, make it as another tool in the box. Grey Finch is the color I have, looking to get the Bluebird soon. This is coming from a guy who fishes a LOT of topwater. Try it, fish it in the right spots, you will get bit, and it will be big.

From: kyle: Roswell, GA

Comments: This thing is awesome, I have caught multiple fish on it this spring already. Many of them in open water, if you do not have a bird you should pick one up and try it!

From: Jerry: Kansas

Comments: When I was 15, I saw a bass take a red wing black bird, I knew this was the real deal!  If you think this is just another version of a frog...you are dearly mistaken!  Fishing the rip rap on a sunny day in Feb, 2012, I cast about 4ft from the back and just shook the BIRD, struggling in the water. I paused and repeated and A 5lbs bass exploded on it in 45 degree water temp.  If it can do this now, wait until the water warms up!  Fishing the moss, I'll cast a frog, but this bait in open water and next to grass or cat tails, The profile of the Bird is going to put bass in the boat!

From: Kerry: Memphis, MO

Comments: I understand that the first batch of birds had some bodies that were too thick.  We have solved this problem, so if any of you who feel you got one of the thick bodies, feel free to contact us and we will exchange your bird for a new one at no cost.  We also have a new hook that lowered the center of gravity which helps the bird roll over more easily.  To be honest, birds that crash in the water don't always land right side up. But if you have the skill like myself and my testers, you will be able to roll the bird over with a simple snap twitch.  Aside from that, we have not had any complaints about the bird sinking or taking on water.  The hook-up ratio is nearly 75%. We have been amazed by the hundreds of fish stories where people have seen Bass eat birds and they can't understand why no one has invented a hollow bodied bird lure until now? We at Flip in the Bird would like to say thanks to all of you who have purchased the bird,  and I would like to add that I want all of you to be 100% satisfied.  So to learn more about the Bird and how to flip the bird, please go to www.flipinthebird.com. Thank you again,  Sam Kennedy

From: Sam Kennedy-inventor of the flip in the bird lure

Comments: seems like people have mixed reviews about this bait. there have been some compaints about the softness about the bird. Well ive realized that this bird was meant to fish deep in the tullies and if the back was to soft then the bird would hang up super easy. I have missed a few fish but im sure if I wasnt able to put the bird as deep in the cover as I am then i wouldnt have even gotten bit. So think about it, get more bites and miss a few but still catch some or dont get bit at all..

From: Nick: Lake Okeechobee, FL

Comments: I was fooled by Youtube videos about this baitbut now that I got it I'm just not impressed, gives me a cheapness feeling, the body is pretty hard and it's made in China...

From: Lot: International

Comments: I've been highly impressed with my bird so far. I have the red winged black bird and it does create a heckuva disturbance in the water. It is going to be a killer night time bait. They walk with ease. Although I have heard that they land upside down sometimes, I have found that if you side arm cast it with a lob, much like a swimbait, it lands upright 99% of the time. What stuck out to me about this bait was the side barbs, or barbs on the outside of the hook for those that are unfamiliar with that term. That should help the durability of those lure tremoundously. I placed a rattle in mine, but plan on putting a small bell in my others. Overall, I am impressed with this lure and will be purchasing a few more from Tacklewarehouse when more colors become available! Remember, Bird is the Word!!!!

From: Cam: South Carolina

Comments: bait lands upside down alot. didnt think that would happen with a 12 dollar bait. looks great and good action. if it didnt land upside down i would of been really happy with this bait

From: Matt: IL

Comments: this lure is awesome. and i dont agree with the comment below because this is much more than a frog. Its not ment to replace the frog but its a new category of lure. Frogs still have their time and place and  this bait ishas its time and place. I also had some problems with the bird landing upside down as well.. I just took a nai weight and tied to the shank of the hook in the bird and it works great. hooks are razor sharp and this bait is extremley durable. I personally don't know the owner of the company so im no trying to promote anything just giving this bait major props.

From: Jonathon: Orlando, FL

Comments: Most people who gave this an "outstanding" review have to be affiliates of the creator of this lure.  This bird is no different than other frog lures, maybe just a different look and profile.  As far as design goes, something is definitely lacking.  I'm sure many people are having problems with the bird landing upside in MOST cases.  Has any frog you've thrown landed upside down?  Unless this bird was specifically designed to land upside most of the time, then it is a product flaw.  Definitely not as versatile as some claim  as it is mainly a pitch and deadstick style lure.  Not saying it won't catch fish, however its nothing "special", mostly hype. Oh yea, don't leave this in the sun, it will melt and deform.

From: CA

Comments: For you froggers out there looking to throw something these fish haven't seen yet, Flipin The Bird is the answer!  Not only is it a NEW profile but it walks extremely tight!  It's versatile too, walk the dog, pop it, chug it, twitch it, and of course dead stick it.  You choose the cover and let that Birdie fly!

From: Maack: Hollister, CA

Comments: AWESOME! A can't miss lure. This lure behaves so life-like.  I've been fishing Lake Houston for 7 years now and nothing has worked as well as this lure. The slower I fish with it, the better it works. With other lures, they seem to show signs of wear and tear after only a few uses, but this has been the most durable, non-sinker bait I've ever used. After fishing with it several times now, my success rate remains high with about a 75% hook-up ratio and no signs of the lure  deteriorating. I highly recommend this bait to all top water enthusiasts. I wouldn't be surprised if this bird lure wins the ICAST in 2012.

From: Miguel: Kingwood, TX

Comments: Within minutes of trying out my first BIRD I was fast into a nice largemouth from a very heavily fished little body of water. In years past I'd labored considerably to attract bass to surface baits, but this new,natural looking topwater requires little work -it does most of the attracting completely on its own ! Sitting still or barely twitched, those ever active "wings" are flapping, sending out visual and auditory signals that say "Here is a live critter in serious trouble!"Bass, particularly those residing in heavy cover,can't seem to resist. This sweet casting lure functions more like a flyrod popper, perhaps the best lure in history for shallow fish,except it has,for me, an even higher hookup rate! 

From: John: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: This bait is the best topwaterbait ever! The Bird is; durable, dosen't sink,(no squeezing your bait between casts) walks and splashes like a distressed bird, rubber wings that give your bait life and it is more weedless than any frog or rat I've ever thrown. The Bird sits perfectly horizontal on the water which creates a profile that drives bass wild.  Oh yeah don't be afraid to Flip the Biird into the deepest of cover and hang on. If you like topwater fishing you got to try one.

From: Bob: Prunedale, CA

Comments: A couple of quick tips: - The Bird can land upside down when casting, a quick twitch can pop it over. On the Delta, we fish it that way. Let the fish turn on the bird before setting helps, - A little silicon glue and a small piece of weight can be added inside the bait between the hook hole and the tail hole to help with heads or tails landings. - A 4/0 Gamakatsu frog hook can be used in place of the factory hook for a little looser fit and better hook ups. - I use a combination of hooks in my birds. Factory hook for deep cover, the Gami for open water bites. Anyone with questions on this technique, feel free to contact me or the guys at Flipinthebird.com. Been using technique and testing this bait for a fews years now and have been there with lots of these questions.

From: Bob: Tracy, CA

Comments: Sweet bait! at first though i had no success with this bait, but then after watching a few videos i found that this is more of a deadstick bait. I have not had many fish hit this bait while im working it fast,once i started to really fish the bait slower it really started to produce for me. Thats why i think some people arent having much succes with the bait because they work it too fast. If you want success with this bait work it SLOW!!!

From: Timothy: Antioch, CA

Comments: took the bird out for the first time last week and was impressed! the hooks are kind of pigeon toed and i though that was going to be a problem but it wasnt great hookups. The backs are kind of tough though so just left it out in the sun for a little while to soften the back. The bird does land upside down once in a while but ive gotten an equal amount of blow ups while its upside down and plus if you give it a hard rip it turns right back over.The trick to this bird though is to fish it slow, throw it into those shade pockets and dead stick it for like 5-10 seconds and then a few twiches dead stick again then onto the next shade pocket. Ive also had a lot of succes throwin it in the lily pads. Awesome results .Love this new bird! GO ahead listen to the bad comment its more birds for me!

From: Steve: Fort Myers, FL

Comments: the bird is incredible, first cast with the bird landed me a 2.5lber,  3rd cast another 2lber,  I was fortunate to get my hands on one in August.   It is like a frog, but no need to walk it.  Fishes great with a few twitches here and there, then hold on.  Hook up ratio for me on the bird is 100% so far.  This is a must have for any topwater enthusiast!!!

From: Mike: Santa Clara, CA

Comments: This lure has the worst hook up rate I have every seen in my life 1 out of 10 fish if your lucky!!! Lure lands up side down half the time. If you like blow ups with no results then this is the lure for you. I would suggest sticking with a frog that creates better action and much better results.

From: Tim: Orlando, FL

Comments: wow this an awesome topwater bait!! Looked it up on youtube and found a how to video and it really helped..Took it out to my local lake and pulled 4 fish and lost 1.Really nice and exciting bait. And the detail on this bait is amazing.

From: Jonathon: Brentwood, CA

Comments: This bait isn't any different than a frog to be honest. The only difference is that it has a few extra rubber legs to give it a bigger appearance. I also had problems with it turning on it's side. I had to insert weights to get it to sit straight. Save yourself the money and just buy a regular snag proof.

From: Antioch, CA

Comments: awesome baits!! these are honestly the most life like topwater lures ive ever fished with. Check out some of the footage i got of the bird with the owner and creator himself!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbmwSDH9UaA

From: Nick: San Jose, CA

Comments: Tweet Tweet this thing looks sweet ! Dont get it so i can stock up for next topwater season and cross some eyes.

From: Big A: Arlington, MA

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