Freedom Electric Marine Twin Troller X10 Deluxe Boat

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The Freedom Electric Marine Twin Troller X10 Deluxe Boat includes all of the winning features of the X10 Basic Boat plus some key upgrades, including a Lowrance X-4 Depth/Fish Finder, adjustable and mountable rod holders, an on-board ProMariner - 5-amp marine battery charger, as well as, four seadog nylon open base cleats and an injection-molded batter box. One of the world’s best fishing boats, it was designed by lifetime anglers and is one of the only boats made especially to help you catch more fish.

Equipped with a patented electric propulsion system and hands free foot control, the X10 is powered by two 36lb thrust MotorGuide motors giving you 72lbs total thrust. The independent foot control pedals and corresponding trolling motors allow this two-man fishing boat to move in any direction depending on the amount and type of pressure placed on the foot pedals. Straight forward or straight backwards, you can make 90-degree turns to the left or right, or rotate 360 degrees in one location. If you need to get in a tight spot, or fight the wind and hold your position on a key spot, the X10 is the boat for you. These boats can spin on a dime and have plenty of power. There are no other boats on the market with this type of hands-free control.

The X10′s compact design also allows you to access bodies of water that many other boat designs just can’t get to.  With its new in-hull motor design, there are no motor props below the boat bottom to hit obstructions, allowing the X10 to operate in as little as 8 inches of water. You can run over logs, fishing line, lily pads, and more!  The X10 goes where the big fish go, but other boats can’t!

Twin Troller Boats are extremely stable as well due to the pontoon hull design and vacuum effect of the patented propulsion system. Two people can easily stand up and cast. In addition, the construction material used in the boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.

From passenger comfort to its unique hull design the Twin Troller offers best in class features and construction.  Freedom Electric Marine offers a full 5-year warranty on the X10 hull.  The boat is roto-molded using state-of-the art SURPASS polyethylene resin. SURPASS polyethylene, used both for the hull shell and the integral foam core, maintains high impact strength, from summer heat to -40 Degrees. The resin is both lighter and much tougher than fiberglass. It’s easy molding characteristics allow the hull to be roto-molded in one piece, complete with features such as equipment trays and cup holders. The hull is free of seams and joints, and wipes clean easily. Color is molded throughout the part, making minor scratches disappear. The hull resin is UV protected for a long outdoor life and can be recycled.

The Freedom Electric Marine Twin Troller X10 Deluxe Boat comes delivered to your door fully rigged, ready to hit the water with the Twin Troller Propulsion System, seats, and seat rails. 48-inches wide, it can slide conveniently in the bed of any pickup truck and many SUV’s.

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-Shallow Draft -- 6-8 inches
-Length -- 10 feet
-Width -- 48 inches (fits in standard pickup bed)
-Height -- 18 inches
-Weight -- 175 lbs.
-Weight Capacity 565 lbs.
-Outboard Power Rating -- 2 HP
-Electric Motors -- (2) 36 lb. Thrust
-Battery Life -- 6-8 hrs. (Estimate based on conditions and series 29 deep cycle marine battery)
-Top Speed -- 4-6 MPH (based on conditions)
-Saltwater Compatible
-Wind maneuverability -- Superior
-Stability - Superior (two people can stand and cast easily)
-5 Year Limited Hull Warranty

The Twin Troller X10 comes fully rigged and ready to hit the water:

-Twin Troller Propulsion System
-Recessed / Protected Motors
-Hands Free Foot Control
-Durable Hull Construction and Sleek Hull Design
-Padded Swivel Seats, Seat Rails and Frames
-Battery Compartment
-Motor Mount
-Drain Plug
-Reel Pockets
-Cup Holders
-Equipment Storage Tray
-Wiring Tray
-Measuring Tool

This Fisherman’s Deluxe Model is custom fitted with the serious Angler in mind. In addition to everything listed for the Basic Twin Troller X-10, it also includes:

-Lowrance X-4 Depth/Fish Finder
-2 Fish On!   Adjustable and Mountable Rod Holders
-On-Board ProMariner – 5-amp Marine Battery Charger
-4-Seadog Nylon Open Base Cleats
-Injection-Molded Batter Box

Please Note:

-Item is Drop Shipped and cannot be shipped outside the contiguous United States due to shipping costs.
-Freedom Electric Marine commits to ship their boats 2 weeks from the time of order.
-No C.O.D payments for this item.
-Price includes Ground shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I solved the problem of getting the boat out of the water alone. I bought a 8 foot length of plastic pvc about 2 inches did. Cut it in half. When retrieving the boat place 1 in front of boat as you pull out of water a couple of feet, then place the other piece a few feet behind & pull boat a few more feet. That should get you far enough out of the water to place the boat dolly in behind the boat. I'm 70 yrs. old & I have no problem getting boat in & out of water & in the back of my pickup truck alone.

4/15 /16

Comments: I love the Twin Troller.

From: Gerry: Kissimmee, FL 6/19/15

Comments: I've had this boat since Feb 12. When I bought it, I didn't get the trailer... man, what a hustle. Those are some very heavy 175lbs!! Unless you always fishing with a friend and have a pick up, get the trailer. I got me a small jet ski like trailer that I spent a few hours fixing it to fit. Not all the places that I fish have a boat ramp, so I also got a "quick lift boat dolly" and it works great. The cup holders are self-drain but not the deep pockets for your rod reels and it's a little hustle to dry them out but not a big deal. Another not so good, but easy to fix are the cheap (50amp) circuit breakers do get super hot and will quit on you for a few and it was very frustrating until I replaced them with some high quality ones and now I go all day without a single drop. When I email the staff about the problem, they replied with in minutes. Superior customer service! Now the good. I have left the boat our in the rain with the plug still on and it did got full of water and the pedals got fully submerged and they still worked flawlessly. Don't try this at home, I just want to make a point that the pedals are very high quality. That was before I bought a small john-boat cover for it and try to always take the plug out right after fishing. Super comfortable and super stable. I love flipping trees so I mostly flip and pitch so most of the time I'm fishing standing, no problem at all. The cages do a good job keeping weeds off but hydrilla will get in there and clog up you trollins. I think a combination of mesh with the cages would be awesome. This boat is perfect for the area I live because most of the lakes are no gas motor lakes. Not too long ago the fish were super shallow, I'm taking about less than a foot of water. my daughter and I killed them with frogs, while the rest just watched shaking their heads!! we have spent endless hours on this thing and hundreds of fish later I can tell you that it was money well spent. Love this boat.  

Comments: Positives are many...foot pedals are convenient for hands free steering. The boat is stable and though you could stand up while fishing I doubt u will find yourself doing much of that. It's a good looking boat. The seats are comfortable but backrest is very upright. My biggest issue with boat is portability. It weighs 175 but that's when empty. It will fit in pickup but getting it out and in water is more of 2 man deal. The wire cages that protect the propellars under the boat means you can't slide around therefore 2 people necessary to lift boat around. If not you will tear off mesh cage. also can knockoff transducer as it's on back side of boat sitting low to water. I bought the dolley but it didn't solve trying to manage boat alone. Yes you can pull boat to water if close by but try pulling it back out of water on return and then getting it back on dolly alone. Then I bought the trailer and have yet to assemble. This means finding a landing of course to launch but for me the whole idea with small boat is portability and not taking boat to a boat ramp. You also have to take out pedals when finished fishing as they say keep them dry and never submerge in water. All in all I've probably got almost $5000 in this rig with trailer/dolly and boat cover. I would rather have a pelican,etc 10 foot boat for around a 1000 though not same quality.

Comments: This is hands down the best 2 man boat money can buy. If you look at the cost of other small water boats they simply can not compare to the Twin Troller X10 for the money.  Other small boat manufacturers don't offer any options like the Twin Troller for example: fish finder, live well, trailer, boat cover, 2 built in 36 lb thrust trolling motors, hands free operation and seamless construction.  Need I say more? I didn't think so...

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