Freedom Tackle Hybrid Football Jig 2pk

The Freedom Tackle Football Hybrid Jig features a unique head design that minimizes snags while enhancing your bait’s action upon deflection. The head also allows the Football Hybrid Jig to land in the optimal upright strike position, and it features a unique hook attachment that allows the hook to swing freely behind the head, enhancing your bait’s action. Fish can't use the jig head for leverage either, and it also allows you to change out the hook any time you like, and adapt to changing fishing conditions. A hardened epoxy finish on the head provides added durability and a sonic brass echo chamber provides fish attracting sound. Available in black or green pumpkin, the Freedom Tackle Football Hybrid Jig delivers a slow bait free fall for a more natural presentation and more time in the strike zone. The Freedom Tackle Football Hybrid Jig also comes with premium black nickel chemically sharpened hooks.

3 Colors

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    Model No. 20012
    Black Flash
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    1/2 oz 5+
    3/4 oz 5+
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    Model No. 20002
    Green Pumpkin Flash
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    1/2 oz 5+
    3/4 oz 5+
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    Model No. 20022
    June Bug
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    1/2 oz 5
    3/4 oz 5

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a sick jig!  I've caught some pigs on the Rogue. The jig heads can take a beating and the hooks that come with it are high quality.  You can change the hooks depending on the size of plastics that you are using. I used to throw regular jigs but bass smash the rogue because it adds extra movement to the bait. Pros are using these jigs for a reason. I just ordered some of the new Freedom spinnerbaits and can't wait to get my hands on them!!

From: Matt: Barrie, Canada 4/13/14

Comments: I have used this jig while fishing mats for largies, and have also used it to ice fish for lake trout and white fish, there is no jig that will get you fish on the boat or through the ice quite like this, cause of the hooks freedom to move the fish has no leverage to shake off. Its amaizing.

From: Nuno: Canada

Comments: Two key features set the Freedom Tackle Rogue Jig apart from the rest. The articulating hook and the interchangeability. By giving the hook the "freedom" to move, you lose less jigs and less fish. You also have the ability to change out any hook you want. Truly an awesome innovation in terminal tackle!!

From: Andrew: Reno, NV

Comments: This product helped me win Angler of the year in 2013. I spent more time fishing since this head helps you to come through the cover without loosing baits.

From: Ron: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: This is by far the best Football Head on the market. It is extremely durable and the action that the head gives the bait is second to none.  It hangs up way less than any other Football head because of the loose hook design the bait simply deflects off of the cover.  They have really hit the nail on the head with this jig and I would encourage everyone to give it a shot.

From: Clay: Lexington, KY

Comments: This is an excellent jig for people who live in Ocala, FL.

From: Cobe: CA

Comments: I also have to agree with the durability of these jigs. I have bought several different brands of jigs and not one of them is as strong these jigs. Very impressed.

From: Sawyer: Ocala, FL

Comments: I am very impressed with this jig it is very strong and the paint never comes off. I have used many other brands of jigs and not one of them can compare to the freedom jigs they are great and if you don't have any you need to get you some.

From: Sawyer: Ocala, FL

Comments: i like this innovative jig head because the swivel design head. it makes it next to impossible for fish to throw the hook

From: Matt: Ocala, FL

Comments: This jig has Unbelievable action and holds up great. I have thrown the same head all day without losing it. Bounces off of any type structure without the paint chipping. I have had great results with this jig by rigging it with Big bulky creature baits. My favorite thing about these jigs is that you can put any size hook you want on any size head without re-tying or buying new ones.

From: C.J.: Ocala, FL

Comments: I was also very impressed with the hold up of this jig. With tons of use on rocks and shell beds, the paint holds up well. I like to rig a chigger craw or any other beefy creature bait to get big bites with this jig down deep, im looking forward to using it on bedding bass this spring!

From: Trenton: Ocala, FL

Comments: This jig head worked great, I used it all day and never lost 1 head as it came through the cover very well. The paint lasted all day and the fising loved this larger profiled jig head.I caught Smallmouth,Spotted bass and Largemouth bass using this head

From: Ron: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: I was impressed with the 1/2oz Rogue Hybrid Jig head, it came trough the cover with ease and the paint stayed on the head all day. Caught several fish using a Yamamoto skirt head tipped with a Berkley Havoc Duece jig trailer.

From: Ron: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: I'm seeing the Rogue, which I like, and also seeing Stealth and Hydra, but where's the Zodiac? Your missing out by not having it for order, take a look at my twitter and facebook feed and see the Stripers I'm getting with the Zodiac. Using a Zoom Fat Albert Grub on it has produced well for me, throwing cross current letting the current take it down stream with just a slow reel, then there's that thump, then drag talking to ya. They work well for me, I feel they'd work for anyone that want's to catch fish.

From: Gary: Logan Martin, AL

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