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Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig 2pk - $7.49 to $7.99

The Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig features a unique, lifelike hydrodynamic head design complete with a durable, hardened epoxy finish, 3D hologram eyes, and a sonic brass echo chamber. It also features a special hook attachment that allows the hook to swing independently, providing enhanced bait movement and a more lifelike presentation. This also means fish can’t use the jig head for leverage and throw the hook, resulting in an increased landing percentage. Available in a range of realistic colors, the Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig come with premium black nickel chemically sharpened hooks. The special hook attachment also allows you to easily change out hooks to the hooks of your choice.

Comments: These jigs are great for our local lakes around here in Florida and I'm sure they would be just as good anywhere else!  The heads are well weighted for any depth of water and with the right swimbait they will cut through weeds and kissimee grass like its not even there.  You can change the size of your hooks in no time and the hooks that are included are very sharp and strong so there is no need to replace them! For all of you people that havn't tried these jigs they are definitely something to add to your arsenal!

From: Laurence: North Central, FL

Comments: This product is awsome. Great for throwin swimbaits. You can change the size hook quick without re-tying. Also great for bed fishing when you have a bass thats not locked on you can change the baits quick without re-tying hooks. Great results with the bait.

From: C.J.: Ocala, FL

Comments: These jig are awesome! If the day is sunny and your spinnerbait bite is not on, i love to rig a swimbait on the back of this and pull hogs out of local florida lakes! The paint holds up well, and the hooks are out of this world. Definitely a jig you should try.

From: Trenton: Ocala, FL

Comments: Awesome morning with a Zodiac from Freedom Tackle getting landlocked Stripers of Logan Martin. I've also been using these Hydra Hybrid Jigs also with Great results.

From: Gary: Logan Martin, AL

Comments: This is a great product! Very versatile. I have used it catching slot sized Redfish to 40lb Kingfish. It adds to new element to your fishing game!

From: Anthony: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Comments: I'd love to see this jig in a fineness weight 1/8th or even 1/16th these are too big for my jersey pond

From: Chuck: N. Bergen, NJ

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Golden Shad
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Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig 2pk

2 Available Colors

  • Golden Shad
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    3/4 oz 5+
    1 oz 5+
  • Silver Shad
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    1/2 oz 5+
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