T-H Marine G-Force Trolling Motor Handle

T-H Marine G-Force Trolling Motor Handle

*Not recommended for use on Minn-Kota Edge or Motorguide Pro Models 

Endorsed by Elite Series pro, Gerald "G-Man" Swindel, the G-Force Trolling Motor Handle is a quantum leap forward in trolling motor replacement rope technology. It features a rugged, nylon jacketed stainless steel cable with a large comfortable cushioned grip handle to solve the problem of the cheap lift & release ropes on today's trolling motors.  

As trolling motors have become more powerful, complex and heavier, the lift systems from the manufacturers have not kept pace. Too often anglers are faced with broken ropes and handles often in critical times, especially tournament guys. The G-Force Trolling Motor Handle solves that problem once and for all. Designed to fit most trolling motor models, the G-Force Trolling Motor Handle even comes complete with a hook-n-loop strap to secure to the motor shaft while underway. Built to last and lift in the most difficult situations, the G-Force Trolling Motor Handle is the last lift & release system you’ll have to buy.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: After using this handle for over a year now, overall I feel it is a great improvement over a rope handle, BUT there is one modification that needs to be made. Like other reviewers here have experienced, I had the cable pull through the flimsy washer that was included with the kit during a tournament. Fortunately I found a small stainless nut that slid over the cable and got me back in action. I would definitely recommend that anyone installing this handle chunk the included washer in the trash and find you a small stainless nut that is similar in dimensions to use in its place.

From: Jeremy: Friendswood, TX 7/14/15

Comments: The handle is the weak link in this design.  I had two handles break due to the washer and retainer pulling through the plastic inside the handle. 

From: John: Houston, TX 6/16/15

Comments: Purchased to replace an OEM handle. Cable is great and very durable, but the handle is plastic and doesn't match the durability of the rest of the kit. The handle cracked and split open after a little more than a year of use & right in the middle of a tournament to boot. Manufacturer definitely needs to redesign the handle to take the abuse dished out in this application & match the durability of the cable.

From: Duke: Wake Forest, NC 6/14/15

Comments: Bought one of these and the handle broke after a month. Emailed the company and they wouldn't sell me just the handle. Would not recommend.

From: Jimmy: Waxahachie, TX 3/8/15

Comments: I installed handle correctly and went to the lake, put my minn kota in the water one time...once i was ready to move..grabbed my T-H Marine handle and was pulling my trolling motor out of water, cable pulled through handle

From: Jason: Nashvegas, Tn 11/8/14

Comments: After a few months of use, this cable failed. The washer assembly that connects to the release mechanism on the trolling motor pulled through the opening. An on the water repair was impossible with the basic tools I carry and was forced to install a basic pull rope I carry for situations like this. Wire cable is durable. Great. The connections used on the handle and trolling motor clearly are not which renders the durability of the cord useless.

From: Michael: Nashville, TN 7/13/14

Comments: Purchased the G-Force to replace the broken OEM pull-cable on my Motoguide (Digital Tour Series). I was initially very impressed with the G-Force, it seemed significantly better than the OEM system (Lasted 3 yrs.)\ But after less than a year of use the cable pulled through the cheap plastic handle.

From: Gilbert: Spring Branch, TX 7/13/14

Comments: ya'll must be abusing the heck out of this thing to break so many of them! i've had 2 of these (one on each of my last 2 boats) and both have been awesome to me. but i handle it with care

From: Kevin: TN 6/21/14

Comments: poorly made.  broke first time out. cable pulled through the washers. Ruined my fishing day. Had to cancel and go in. Replaced with the oem cable from minnkota. Would not waste my money again

From: Curtis: Alamo, CA USA

Comments: Only the 3rd time out the handle split in half. TW will replace, but still. T-H Said they have came out with a new handle design and they will send me one of those, so we will see if that is any better. All in all I'm very disappointed. I could have went to Lowes and got the good vibration handle for less money and problems.

From: Chip: Fredericksburg, VA

Comments: Very nice handle and easy to install.  After a few weeks, the cable slip from the handle.

From: Kenneth: Jacksonville, FL

Comments: Install was very easy, handle is very comfortable, but after a few weeks the same problem happened as everyone else (Handle cracked and the cable slipped out of the handle). Will use it until it breaks again. Would buy again IF they fixed this problem

From: Alex: CT

Comments: I had the same experience as Kyle. the 2nd time I took my boat out with this cable, the cable itself broke out of the handle. I tightened it down until the allen wrench bent so I bought a minn kota rope again. Wouldn't recommend.

From: Kristopher: Fort Worth, TX, USA

Comments: The handle broke the second time I used it. Pulled right through the bottom. I put the motorguide handle on it and it works great.

From: Kyle: Green Bay WI

Comments: Works great should have bought this long time ago, best price around.  Install took all of 5 minutes absolutely love it....

From: A: lake view alabama

Comments: Very easy to install. The cable is very rugged and can take a beating, but the handle is plastic. My handle broke after about a month of use. I didnt bother calling to get a replacement just to have it break again. Instead I made a new handle out of a piece of stainless tubing. I wish the original handle had been made of aluminum or something more durable.

From: James: West Monroe, LA

Comments: Great Product! Installed on MinnKota very easily. Actually makes lifting the TM easier somehow. Saw the factory replacement rope/handle and had to laugh.. why would you go that route again if you know about this option!

From: Andy: Houma, LA

Comments: So easy to install on my motorguide,  really cool accessory, would recommend to everyone

From: Willis: Panama City Beach, FL

Comments: Its easy to install , looks great , and TW low price, thats 3 of 3,it doesn't get any better than that

From: Lenny: So, Calif

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