G. Loomis Big Bait/Back Bounce Casting Rods

$250.00 - $310.00

Back bouncing is a technique for fishing salmon in deep rivers with heavy current. This technique requires heavy lead sinkers and a rod with a stiff enough tip to move all that weight and still get a good hookset, as well as fight heavy fish. What this means to a bass fisherman is that these rods have the power to throw heavy weights and set the hook in deep water but still have enough play to handle twelve to twenty-five pound test line and get your fish to the boat. In other words, it's not a broomstick, but the perfect rod to throw the big, heavy trout baits and swim baits popular with big bass hunters. The secret of this rod is how it "loads up" when you throw the bait; the rod flexes through the mid section and when you release the lure all the energy in the entire rod is released, launching the lure a long way. The customer feedback on the Loomis Back Bounce rods for fishing the big baits has been extremely positive.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Loomis Big Bait GL2 Casting 8' Hvy BBR964C

BBR964C. Perfect for just about any swimbait except for the extra large, extra heavy soft plastic baits.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Moderate Fast 12-25lb 1-6oz 9+Tip Big Bait A 24-1/4" 06/11 $250.00
Big Bait A

Loomis Big Bait Casting 8' Extra Hvy SABBR965C

BBR965C. This is the rod that can handle the biggest and baddest swimbaits made. This rod has the power to cast the big wood, set the hook with authority, and the action to get the fish into the boat.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 17-40lb 2-8oz 9+Tip Big Bait B 24-1/4" In Stock: 2 $310.00
Big Bait B

Loomis Big Bait GL2 8' Mag-Hvy BBR966C

BBR966C GL2. This is the big boy of the Back Bounce line from Loomis. We carry this rod for the heaviest swimbaits. Great for trolling daisy chain and umbrella swimbait setups.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Moderate Fast 25-45lb 3-10oz 9+Tip Big Bait A 24-1/4" Sold Out $260.00
Big Bait A

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have the BBR964c and I can say, hands down, this is my absolute favorite rod in my arsenal. I use it for smaller Alabama Rigs, 6-7" swimbaits, and 10XD crankbaits. This rod is very nice. I strictly use G. Loomis rods because IMO they're the best in the business. Ive landed bass anywhere from a half pound to five pounds on this rod and it loads up beautifully on any size fish. That being said, this does also have the backbone to move big fish when you're downsizing your swimbaits. I typically throw a 6" Bull Shad on this rod and it's like they were meant to be together. I will be purchasing the BBR966c soon for a 9" Bullshad and Huddleston Deluxe. If you're looking for a swimbait rod, or an Alabama Rig rod, you're looking at the best one made. Don't hesitate, just get one of these rods. You Definitely won't be disappointed.

From: Matt: Lawernceburg, KY 9/13/14

Comments: I was having trouble finding a rod I like for the Strike King 10XD and the Lucky Craft SKT 120 DR and purchased the GL2 Casting 8' Heavy BBR964C and I am super impressed with this rod.  It throws them a mile with ease, and is very parabolic when it loads when you get bit.

From: Wade: CA 6/7/14

Comments: just got my 964 the rod is unreal. couldent ask for a better swimbait rod.

From: AK: NJ

Comments: Just got my rod in mail today tacklewarehouse you done it again the best fishing outfit store around rod is perfect i ordered the 966 big boy for my big swimbaits going out 1st thing in the morning and seeing what this babys got glad also i got mine on sale anyways thanks tacklewarehouse your the best

From: D-Bird: Mufreesboro, TN

Comments: Just ordered this rod can't believe its only $148.00 on sale great rod for swimbaits extra tough also brad southern trout eaters said tis will probably be the last batch of these rods due to g loomis not going to make them any more check it out for yourself google it anyways grat rod great price can't wait to get mine in hand   thanks tackle warehouse

From: Daniel: Murfeesboro, TN

Comments: I only have the 966, but it is an excellent Hudd and big Triple Trout rod! I have caught multiple fish on it over 6lbs and it handled them fine. All rods almost used exclusively in Southern Trout Eaters dvd.

From: Travis: NC, USA

Comments: great rod been using for ocean fishing throwing 10 ounce jigs and swim bait, rod handle big baits no problems, pulled a 15 pound ling cod over bow of a party boat no problem. Heavy mag with a saltist reel great combo

From: Nick: King City, CA

Comments: I have 3 BBR964 rods paired with Calcutta 400CTEs and they are great swimbait rods at first I didnt like the long handle but after getting used to it I can heave a hudd or a basstrix a mile with the same setup I feel that you dont need different rod actions for different baits this one rod can handle it all 

From: Jeremy: Virginia, USA

Comments: Simply the best rod for big baits pair this rod up with a 400te and 30lb sunline flouro and go to town all day everyday.

From: Travis: Hoover, AL

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