G. Loomis Drop Shot Spinning Rod

$260.00 - $270.00
Loomis's specialty rod lineup would not be complete without a rod built for the hottest new technique sweeping America today, dropshotting. Loomis uses the same blank to build a spinning and a casting version of this rod so you can have your choice of how you would like to fish this finesse technique. After consulting with some of the best names in bass fishing today, Loomis compiled a list of features that at first glance seem to be incompatible. You need a soft, limber rod to keep the tiny hooks from tearing out and to enable you to throw the light weights involved, but you also need the strength to handle heavy fish and set the hook on deep fish when you may have 50 or more feet of stretchy six or eight-pound test line out. You need a rod strong enough to move big fish away from line cutting structures but light enough to keep the light line from snapping when the fish makes a hard run. In addition, the rod must be as sensitive as possible to feel the lightest pick-ups. Loomis's Dropshot Rods will do all that for you by providing a super-light, sensitive tip section that "shuts off" fast in a stiffer, fish handling butt section. Unlike a standard light rod, these rods don't flex starting at the handle like a piece of wet vermicelli, they give you the power to move fish and the authority to set the hook even on deep fish and long casts. Watch the tip; it is so light and sensitive that when you have a fish on you can see it flex before the fish can feel the pressure, and they offer you the legendary Loomis ability to feel anything that is happening down there. Try these rods for any finesse technique like splitshotting or darter head worms, and give yourself the Loomis advantage.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Loomis Drop Shot Spinning 6'10" Mag-Lt DSR820S

DSR820S. The ultimate finesse rod. Perfect for very light lines, light weights, and finicky fish.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Extra Fast 4-8lb 1/8-3/8oz 7+Tip Drop Shot 171 13-3/4" 4/7 $260.00
Drop Shot 171

Loomis Drop Shot Spinning 6'10" Med DSR822S

DSR822S. Slightly stiffer tip than the 820S and more backbone enables you to fish your dropshot deeper than ever before. For the guys who 'line up' or use heavier lines with the invisible flourocarbon, this is the rod you have been looking for.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Extra Fast 6-12lb 3/16-1/2oz 7+Tip Drop Shot 171 13-3/4" 4/7 $270.00
Drop Shot 171

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I got the DSR820S. I took it out yesterday for the first time. I actually caught a fish on the first cast/drop. Kinda crazy. I caught a couple of other fish after that.It is very light weight. The cosmetics are very nice. The fit and finish are what you would expect. Soft tip to shake the bait without moving the lure too much. I expect that I would be able to watch the rod tip dip and detect strikes. Handle is very comfortable and secured the reel very well.I have a little bit of buyers remorse in that the 820 is pretty low power. I feel like I will get abused by larger fish. I wish they had an 821. Maybe I should have bought the 822, but I was concerned that might be too much power for little hooks and line.I look forward to giving it a more thorough trial run.

From: Ham: Mountain Home, Arkansas 12/24/16

Comments: Best drop shot rod ever! Had it for 10 years. I have tried others but nothing beats this stick!

From: Dan: Puyallup, WA 9/1/16

Comments: Just took the 822 out for a spin on Berryessa, teamed it with stradic ci4 2500 and man what a great combo from sensitivity to power. Smallmouth from 5 inches from 3 pounds felt like a giant, you couldn't miss a bite if you tried.

From: Ricky: Hercules, CA 10/1/14

Comments: I fish many times each year and finally decided i was going to purchase a nice rod for drop shotting, my favorite technique.  When i first fished my g. loomis i instantly felt that it had pretty good sensitivity, however after hooking a few fish i felt it lacks the backbone to handle bigger fish.  Also, on the ride across the lake with my rods all strapped down the tip broke off the rod, i have never had that happen to any other rods in my life.  I called the warranty and everything with no luck, good luck getting your rod replaced unless your looking to spend 100 plus dollars to get another one.  In my opinion i opted out and ill be looking for another rod, plenty of rods out there that are better for considerably less money.

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: My favorite rod by far.  The sensitivity is unreal.  I've caught many huge small and large mouth bass with this rod.  It is well worth the price.  I have the spinning real rod, not sure how the casting one works.

From: Adolfo: Othello, WA

Comments: The mag-light version feels super refined and ultra sensitive... I pair it with 4 pound flouro and a stradic 1000.  I drop shot mainly for smallies in the great lakes and this rod definitely has enough power to land the big boys... You just have to play them out a little more carefully... It feels crisp and strong when fishing and I like how this light set up telegraphs strikes effortlessly, I mean seriously, when the fish bite, you know it immediately with with rod! 

From: Andrew: Traverse City, MI

Comments: I currently own three G Loomis 822s rods and are very pleased with their performance.  I dropshot alot for smallmouth at Lake Champlain, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario at depths from a few feet down to 40 plus feet.   I have caught numerous smallmouth in the 4-6lb range with these rods and never have questioned the backbone power these rods possess.  The power and sensitivity in these rods are a perfect match for bigwater bronzebacks.   Would I recommend these rods,   did I mention I own three?

From: Edward: Plattsburgh, NY

Comments: I used the DSR822S for two years of dropshotting.  I love the sensitivity of the rod.  But it lacks power to control bigger smallmouth in the 4-6 lb range.  I do not recommend this rod if you will be getting into the bigger fish.

From: Fingerlakes Basser: NY

Comments: Absolutely love the 822S for drop shotting CA's deep gin clear lakes. Excellent sensitivity with plenty of backbone.

From: NorcalBasser

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