Winner of Best of Show in the Freshwater Rod Category at the 2011 ICAST Show

Completely updated and improved, the new G.Loomis GL2 Jig & Worm Casting Rods offer an excellent blend of performance and value, and now include several key improvements, as well as a full lineup of technique and application specific models.

Since bass are cover-oriented, the GL2 series feature the ideal actions to cast accurately, fish baits properly, yet provide enough power to keep the bass coming toward the boat. Equipped with premium Fuji ACS Reel Seats and durable Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides, each rod also features a new, split-grip handle, engineered specifically for high performance bass fishing, including a unique, flat-sided fighting butt that provides additional ergonomic comfort for those who prefer to tuck the rod butt under their arm. It’s a small thing but it can make a difference at the end of a long day. Offering the unique combination of power, sensitivity, and actions that made the originals such a popular and enduring rod series, the G.Loomis GL2 Jig & Worm Casting Rods will do everything you ask and more. G.Loomis knows what you expect in a bass rod.

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    New and improved, the G. Loomis GLX Cranking Series Casting Rods still deliver the same incredible lightweight characteristics and sensitivity GLX is known for, as well as, the ideal actions and tapers for a variety of cranking applications.

  • New

    The GLX Series continues to improve with the new G. Loomis GLX Flipping & Punching Casting Rods, which are now up to 20% lighter and better balanced than ever before.

  • Back and better than ever, the all-new G. Loomis IMX Jig & Worm Casting Rods feature major improvements in IMX technology, which make them 15% lighter than before as well as far more sensitive and powerful.

  • Up to 15% lighter than the original IMX, the all-new G. Loomis Mag Bass Casting Rods feature major improvements in IMX technology for an impressive power and a strength-to-weight ratio you have to feel to believe.

  • Delivering technique specific performance like only G. Loomis can, the all-new G. Loomis IMX Flipping Casting Rods are 15% lighter than the originals with a strength-to-weight ratio like no other rod in its class.

  • Featuring major improvements in IMX technology - 20 years in the making - the G. Loomis IMX Reaction Casting Rods are 15% lighter, more sensitive and powerful than the originals with the perfect actions and tapers for reaction baits.

  • It doesn't matter if your tossing big TOPWATER plugs for oversized bucketmouths or the tiniest jig to those pesky brown bass, the Loomis Swimbait is your perfect bass rod.
  • Designed to fish topwater baits the way they were meant to be fished, the G. Loomis Topwater Casting Rod Series is comprised of several rods - each of which are perfectly crafted for specific topwater presentations.
  • Living up to their reputation, the next generation G.Loomis GLX Jig & Worm Casting Rods are high performance, extremely lightweight and sensitive fishing tools designed specifically for fishing jigs and soft plastics.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Recently picked up a 7'1 M and MH & I can not complain. Power and sensitivity is the name of the game with these. Great price point too. Take care of the rods and they will take care of you. Paired mine with the new Curados & you have money rigs. Shimano and Loomis for life.

From: Nick: Vineland, NJ 4/12/15

Comments: Just an fyi G.Loomis does not advertise this rod to be lightweight so for everyone complaining on weight go find something lighter. What G.Loomis brings is a brand you can trust with performance that can't be matched especially at the gl2 price range love the actions of these rods.

From: Jack: IL 3/25/14

Comments: My only complaint is the fore-grip is to far up for your hands to rest on the casting rod..other than that matches my Shimano Caenan colour perfectly, Shimano pretty much took a Crucial and made it pretty

From: Corbin: Hamilton, Ontario

Comments: Awesome rod! Very sensitive but not very light weight. Very strong rod.

From: Lance: TX

Comments: Heavy n clumsy ,just go buy a Cashion rod ,you cant get a better rod at any price

From: Tony: Chi town

Comments: Good rod for the money. Paired the 803 with a Lews Tourney Pro and it works VERY well together. Nice tip action and strong backbone. Pulled a 3 1/2lb smallie up the Coon Rapids Dam wall. If anyone in MN has seen the walls, its no short drop.

From: Tony: MN

Comments: I have now had my 7'1 heavy for over a year, as well as the 7'5 flipping model(listed seperately, not under jig and worm). They are good quality rods. In my opinion, they are slightly overpriced. They are a little heavy for $200, and and quite frankly, it is ridiculous to put aluminum oxide guides on a $200 rod. Aluminum oxides crack and corrode over time, unless you make sure to keep them clean and be careful with them. I will say they are quite sensitive. They have a perfect taper, tip and backbone in mind, and defects are not an issue here. This is in no way up to par with other loomis rods, but they are solid and reliable, I will say that. Honestly, there are better performing rods for a lower price (Cashions if you dont mind micro guides). Not blown away, but definitely not dissappointed. Good ol jig rod.

From: Z: NC

Comments: amazing rod ! i put a stradic C14 on this bad boy.  very light very sensitive. heres the best part. took my daughter out for her first time,   I hooked it, and let her reel it in, her first bass ever! i would recommend this rod to everyone

From: Mike: Trussville, AL

Comments: Follow up to my earlier post. this rod is way overpriced. My Falcon T7's are much better rods for about the same money.  The Falcon Bucoo feels better for much less money. I have two Tour Star rods now that kill this rod. St Croix Avid is a nicer rod. Loomis is making a killing on the name and the admittedly great aesthetics of this rod.  Sensitivity is really lacking in my 894 unless I go to 3/4 oz +.

From: Larry: Charlotte, NC

Comments: okay let me just tell you that this rod is the best rod on the market. First i never knew a rod could be that sensitive. if your been thinking about getting it don think just buy it. Best rod ever!!!!!! 

From: Corey: Pittsburgh 

Comments: Very nice rod.It cant be beat for 200 bucks.I ordered the 7'5 medium heavy and it is one of the best feeling rods i have ever used. highly recommended

From: Jeremy: KY

Comments: Awesome rod in my opinion, tried the 853 casting today... Fished a  1/4 oz tube jig for smallmouth and it performed awesome, good sensitivity, soft tip for accurate casts and a great powerfull backbone. I tried legend extreme, legend tournament, cumara, crucials, GL2 is much better than what I've fished with in the past, awesome rod, give it a try and fish with it. You can't explain why a G-Loomis is so good, you have to fish with it in order to understand.

From: Alexis: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Comments: i have the gl2 crankbait series and love it but im looking to buy the jig and worm. does anybody know if it safe to use braided line with this rod or will it saw out the eyes?

From: Chandler: Justin, TX

Comments: very light rod. good action. but sensitivity - You expect more for 200 bucks. fuji ACS reel seat - I hate it and handle is really uncomfortable. it looks nice, but feels bad. I am disappointed with a purchase.

From: Linas: Drogheda, Ireland

Comments: Just got one of these rods and love it.  I can't believe anybody would have anything negative to say about this rod. Really light, Super sensitive, and the handle is sooo comfortable.  Can't beat this rod.  If I was getting a Loomis I would get this and save the extra $ for the reel.

From: Brandon: MO

Comments: Not that sensitive for money.I wish I could return it and get another Shimano Cumara they are a better all around rod to me.

From: B.M.C.: Dracut, MA

Comments: I have the 7' 1" heavy rod and it is the best $200 purchase i have ever made. From now on anytime I need finnese technique rod, I will look for a Loomis

From: Aaron: Roanoke, VA

Comments: DonÕt listen to the people who are hateing on this rod. This is by far my favorite flipping stick and I have every Abu Garcia, most of the new quantumÕs, and much too many irods. Ihave found that not one rod that has more backbone and sensitivity than this gloomis. This is also the most beautiful rod I have ever had in my hands, I love the handles, the only complaint I have is that the rod is a little on the heavy side but with a rod like this, I donÕt care. PICK ONE UP!!!

Comments: Seems like a good rod but a little heavy. I didn't purchase it after picking it up and taking a good look at it.  If you're going to spend under 200$ I would look elsewhere...

From: Fisherman: VA

Comments: great rod! I will buy more of them. And I received it on time! Kudos to Tackle Warehouse.

From: Elmer: Dierks, AR

Comments: awesome

From: Justin

Comments: I picked up the 7'5" Heavy Jig/Worm rod for pitching and deep water worm/jigs.  Compares favorably to my Falcon T7 rods and is very comfortable to fish.  Pitches very accurately and I will be looking to buy more.  It is not as light as some of the higher end Loomis offerings but fishes great and is balanced with a Chronarch E7.  This is the max price range i am willing to spend on a rod and I am satisfied and it looks great!

From: Larry: Charlotte, NC

Comments: I have this rod in 6'8" MH paired up with a Shimano Chronarch, hands down the best combo I've used!  This rod is extremely comfortable and light weight for a long day of fishing.  Also the sensitivity of this rod is incredible in comparison to any other rod in my arsenal.  I will be purchasing more to phase out my other rods shortly!

From: Matt: Florence, KY

Comments: Great rod! Great feel, power, sensitivity and price. Almost as nice as my Steez...and it is much more economical!

From: Jon: Evans, GA

Comments: First off, The handle is different, but extremely comfortable when you get used to it. Second, this an extremly sensitive rod and it allows you to feel every piece of cover you touch. Third, this is a very strong and reliable rod, I boughtt the 7'1 extra heavy for flipping jigs and beavers as well as skipping docks with brush piles, even though it is very stiff, it still has an excellent tip. This rod does exactly what it is supposed to do, get the toads out of their house fast! I never think twice about swingin 6 plus's into the boat! If you want an excellent, reliable heavy cover rod that gets the job done, this is your product.

From: Zack: Winston Salem, NC

Comments: Don't listen to the negative comments im 14 and fish about every day. This rod is light, sensitive and has lots of backbone and a G Loomis for 200 is a steal! Very nice rod!

From: David: Racine, WI

Comments: immediately returned this after the first time out. i was horrified when i took it out of the package. please dont give loomis the satisfaction by buying this horrible rod. at least get a mossyback, very disappointed

From: Colton: TX

Comments: When tournament fishing with money on the line, this is the only line I count on. Incredible abrasion resistant and super strong. The memory I can deal with, breaking off fish with other brands I can't deal with.

From: Jim: Morristown, TN

Comments: Great rod, considering selling my GLX's and replacing them with the gl2. handles fish great, light, and comfortable. Paired with a Shimano Core makes one very light combo. highy recommended

From: Ray: NV

Comments: Picked up the 7`1 Heavy for flippin`. I figured a rod that boasts rod of the year, especially since the NRX is so legit - that this would be a pretty sweet stick... turns out this thing is extremely bulky with an obviously cheap reel-seat. I had been using a Falcon BuCoo before and wanted to use that specifically for froggin... after holding both I'd rather take two BuCoo's.. much lighter and sensitive, with an attention to detail at a price that cannot be beat.

From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

Comments: I just don't get why these won best in class. Held one at my local tackle store. It does feel good and likely fishes nice, but aluminum oxide inserts on a rod of this price - really? The handle is a nice touch, but you are paying for the name G Loomis on this one. Loomis use to be the best of the best back in the day. Sorry not true today. Save some money and buy a Powell or Dobyns and get what you pay for. Shimano has to be making a grip of money off these new GL2 rods.

From: Mark: Spokane

Comments: This rod is by far the best you can buy. Great for the money, casting is super accurate, i got the 6'8 med heavy paired with a shimano chronarch e series reel absolutely unbelievable buying another one soon!

From: Garrett: MI

Comments: Bought the 803C and paired it with a lews tourney pro and wow. Rod feels great in your hand.

From: Charles: KY

Comments: just oredered this rod and i just now got to feel it, and this frickin thing is amazing!!!!!! although it is a little heavy at first , but match it up with a revo sx and the combo balances out very well. great rod.

From: Cody: Menifee, CA

Comments: I order the 804CJWR this rod is light, sensitive, beautiful, and the handle is the most comfortable one I felt. I can pitch a lure perfect and it cast far with a lot of control it has a lot off back bone trust me this rod is perfect. For $200 is the best rod you can buy. I  I have a glx and this gl2 is as good in quality. Is better than my 2 st.croix legend tournaments. I'm ordering another one soon. Buy one  

From: Roberto, MN

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