G. Loomis GL2 Casting Spinnerbait Rods - $200.00

G. Loomis GL2 Casting Spinnerbait Rods

Winner of Best of Show in the Freshwater Rod Category at the 2011 ICAST Show

Completely updated and improved, the G. Loomis GL2 Spinnerbait Rods are designed specifically for fishing one of the most popular and versatile lures in bass fishing - the spinnerbait. Providing the ideal action, taper, tip and power for the task at hand, whether you want to buzz it, rip it, flutter it, jig it or just plain crank it, the G. Loomis GL2 Spinnerbait Casting Rods are light, sensitive, powerful and dependable. Featuring extra fast tips that improve casting accuracy and control, they also load effortlessly with more than enough power in the butt-section to move fish away from trouble.

Equipped with premium Fuji ACS Reel Seats and durable Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides, the G. Loomis GL2 Spinnerbait Rods also features a new, split-grip handle, engineered specifically for high performance bass fishing, including a unique, flat-sided fighting butt that provides additional ergonomic comfort for those who prefer to tuck the rod butt under their arm. Just one of the many small things that set G.Loomis Rods apart. A perfect blend of value and performanc, the G.Loomis GL2 Spinnerbait Rods provide you with a unique combination of tactical advantages that make fishing a spinnerbait effective, yet simple. 

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Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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G. Loomis GL2 Cast Spinnerbait Rod 6'9" Light 811C SBR

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 8-12lb 1/4-3/8oz 8+Tip GL2 Spinner A
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15-1/4" $200.00
GL2 Spinner A

GL2 811CSBR. A nice light, extra-fast spinnerbait rod. It has a light tip for fishing smaller blades, but a stiff butt-section makes it surprisingly powerful. The length creates a high tip-speed, which is important for long casts and better lure and line control, especially important in shallow water where fish can be very spooky. It's a great choice for fishing light line in those clear lakes and rivers where you need to down-size your blades to be successful.

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Comments: this rod is super light specially paired with the lews tournament pro speed spool, i cant wait to try it out

From: Zach: IN

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