G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods - $200.00

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods

Winner of Best of Show in the Freshwater Rod Category at the 2011 ICAST Show

Completely updated and improved, the G.Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods are designed to do one thing - fish a drop shot rig effectively - from presentation to hookset to fighting the fish back to the boat. Featuring soft tips that allow the fish to inhale the bait without feeling a lot of resistance, when you feel the tension of a pick up or just see the line jump, all you have to do is raise the rod and the rod will do the rest. They offer the lightweight sensitivity and actions you need for hooking and landing big fish on light lines.

Also equipped with premium Fuji Reel Seats and durable Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides, the G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods also features a new, split-grip handle, engineered specifically for high performance bass fishing, including a unique, flat-sided fighting butt that provides additional ergonomic comfort for those who prefer to tuck the rod butt under or next to their arm. Just one of the many small things that set G.Loomis Rods apart. An excellent balance of value and performance, the G.Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods deliver the technique specific characteristics you need to make the most of your drop shot fishing.

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spin Rod 6'10" Mag-L 821S

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 5-10lb 1/8-7/16oz 7+Tip GL2 Drop A
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14" $200.00
GL2 Drop A

GL2 821SDSR. This rod features a light tip with a magnum powered butt-section. It's designed for open water and depths of up to around 25-30’. It really shines for smallmouth and spotted bass in those clear water lakes where you need to downsize your line. The light tip helps telegraph the bite while not letting the fish feel the angler, and when it comes down to fighting the fish, any size fish, it has more than enough power in the butt to do the job.

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spin Rod 6'10" Mag-Med 822S

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 6-12lb 3/16-1/2oz 7+Tip GL2 Drop A
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14" $200.00
GL2 Drop A

GL2 822SDSR. A slightly more powerful drop-shot rod designed for deep-water and fishing around cover. Soft enough in the tip to be effective, yet powerful enough to pull a good fish away from trouble. The heavier designation allows you to fish 10- or even 12-pound line as deep as 60-feet if that's where you find 'em. It's designed for fishing those lakes where brush and tree-tops are the main cover and fish holding areas, like Lake Mead, Lay Lake or Lanier.

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  • Winner of Best of Show in the Freshwater Rod Category at the 2011 ICAST Show, the G.Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods are designed for one thing - to fish a drop shot rig effectively.

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Comments: I have been using the Mag-L 821S for a couple years now and have caught multiple bass, catfish, bream, perch, trout and even a gar on this rod with no problems. The mag light is an open water rod but it has a surprising amount of backbone. Love it. Also great for light cranks and spybaits. I fish the mag-L w/ a pflueger 9530 patriarch and 10lb sufix w/ 7lb sunline super FC green flouro leader. 

From: Justin: SC 2/21/15

Comments: what an incredible Rod for drop shots. I have the 822 and have hauled some lunkers out from under trees and all kinda stuff. The grip is extremely comfortable and it feels pretty balanced. Paired up with a Shimano stradic 2500 made a great drop shot/shaky head combo.

From: Alex: Norcross, GA 12/26/14

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