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Anglers using the G.Loomis technique specific bass rods have been so successful on the water and so happy with the product that Loomis decided to bring out an entire series of technique specific rods designed just for bass anglers. This lineup of Worm and Jig rods is built with GLX graphite, arguably the lightest and most responsive graphite ever made. Used exclusively in Loomis rods, GLX graphite is a closely guarded secret that produces the best rods in the world. GLX graphite enables you to feel everything your bait touches and allows you to distinguish sand, gravel, rock, mud, and sticks from fish; when a bass inhales your worm, you'll know it. To make the G. Loomis Bass rods even lighter and more responsive REC Recoil titanium guides were used. These guides, made with 100% titanium, do not have a ceramic insert to crack or chip and will snap back to their original position even after being jammed in the rod locker. The rods were designed with the fast tapers that today's bass anglers demand, which will enable you to cast farther and more accurately and allow you to flick accurate casts on low trajectories to get under trees and docks more easily.

These rods are not for the faint-of-heart. You will not be disappointed with your purchase of the G.Loomis Bass Specific Rods.

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Comments: I recently got a new GLX Jig and Worm rod, it was a replacement rod replacing my GLX Senko Rod  / my first thought when I got it unwrapped was wow it really looks kinda of cheap. I had asked for a MH and they sent me a Heavy well, I took it to the lake with two of my other rods and I could not put it down I have never liked the split grip and that was not even a issue / had a 10 lb. catfish hit my Kreature and I turned it like it was nothing. Heavy is a good thing. I really read reviews and will not purchase a NRX as long as I hear negative reviews but, if its more sensitive than the GLX well, I am now having second thoughts because G Loomis will stand behind it / my exchange experience was painless / I got my replacement in less than a week. Hoping TW has a 20% sale that includes G Loomis and Shimano Reels soon. 

From: 7/25/14

Comments: They redesigned the reel seat on the GLX.  I would definately take you reel of choice to the store and try it on before buying one.  I personally was very disappointed.  They had everything else about right except for that.  The NRX feels more like the ECS reel seat and is more comfortable.  Only even more expensive..  :(

From: John: St. Louis, MO

Comments: These are the finest bass rods I've ever fished. The tapers, sensitivity and balance is extraordinary. The only way to top these is have a custom built...my North Fork Customs are the only rod I pick up over these. Plus Loomis' warranty is exceptional. Did someone really compare this to a Kistler?? no way. By the way if you fish fluoro the recoils make even the slightest pick-ups much more amplified than standard guides. the 852 is a perfect senko/weighletss worm rod, and excels at lighter jigs...also a great jerkbait rod. At $355 this is a steal these retail for $385. Pair the 852 with a core and you have a killer combo.

From: Sam: Auburn, KS

Comments: A reviewer compared a Kistler Magnesium to a GLX. Funny! Maybe fishing reaction bait of some kind, but when using a contact bait such as a worm or jig, No comparison. I have the BCR803GLX and a friend I fish with has all Kistler Mags and he would never make that statement. The 803GLX and a 3/8oz jig is hard to beat, but it is expensive.

Comments: Bought an 803, it is a great rod you do get what you pay for.

From: Tony: Centre, AL

Comments:Got to eat a little crow. The GLX is one bad dude. Spent three days fishing a jig with it and it is worth every penny.

From:Jeff: Greenville, SC

Comments:I purchased a GLX and IMX Mag Bass from Tackle Warehouse recently. GLX compares with my 6'9" Kistler Magnesium and the MAG IMX compares with my much less expensive All Star Platinum. Not worth the price, got caught up in the hype. Don't have to spend a fortune to catch fish.

From:Jeff: Greenville, SC

Comments:The 7'2" heavy Senko Rod is a dream casting weightless baits. It takes a high quality reel but the Senko rod does it's part. It's strong so you can pull a bass out of deep grass. You can't go wrong with this rod.

From:Bill: Nacogdoches, TX

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