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The Mag Bass IMX casting rods represent the culmination of thousands of hours of work by some of the best and brightest minds in the fishing industry. IMX is super-high modulus, super-light graphite designed to transmit the lightest vibration clear up to your elbow. You will really love the tapers of these Mag Bass rods. Because of the light tip sections and the magnum tapered butt section you have the perfect combination of casting distance and lure control along with hooksetting and fish fighting power. You won't believe how light and sensititve, yet strong and tough, the Mag Bass IMX rods are. Top quality cork and the Fuji Concept Guide System, which provides more guides and keeps the line closer to the blank for better cast control, round out the package for a rod that is everything you've ever wanted. The Mag Bass IMX casting rods are perfect for whatever technique or style of bass fishing you prefer. Don't be surprised if you end up owning more than one.

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Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Comments: I just fished a tournament on Guntersville lake which was the first opportunity to use this rod.  Perfect for worm, jig, and light Carolina Rig. I used it primarily fishing D-Bombs and plastic worms in the grass and this rod is sensitive and light. Using a 3/8 ounce tungsten sinker and a 3/0 Trokar hook with 15 pound Tatsu fluorocarbon line, my set-up was about as fool proof as you can get for the fish on Guntersville. This rod is amazing to say the least. Have it paired with a Curado I, 6:3:1 ratio, and love it. Wished I had ordered more, because they will not last long at this price. Not for a G. Loomis they won't!!!

From: Pete: Decatur, AL 4/28/14

Comments: MBR843C is probably the BEST worm/jig (casting not pitching) rod out there, but a lot of people wont ever know, either b/c its not a trendy looking, skeleton handle wild colored rod, or they are just a Loomis hater. Keep in mind, this rod has been around a LONG time, and was ahead of its time. Light and sensitive. I have a couple and want MORE.

From: Jay6: USA

Comments: I have a IMX 7'heavy.  The  sensitiviity is great but the tip breaks very easy. Gloomis has made two of them good for a $100.00 charge. I paid $300.00 for the rod plus $200.00 for warranty replacements. $500.00 is to much for me.  This rod is not worth that!

From: William: MS, US

Comments: I build my own rods, and I have to say that this is the rod I model my rods after. I just wish that G. Loomis still sold their blanks. It's a proven rod. 

From: Jeff: JC, KS

Comments: I don't buy rods because of the price, warranty, or the Pro that endorses them.  I buy rods that help me catch fish.  Since my first G-Loomis rod, over ten years ago, I have been constantly impressed with the strength and sensitivity these rods bring to the lake.  I own eleven G-Loomis spinning and casting rods and have the utmost confidence that they will help me catch more and bigger fish.  Ten years of successful experiences (I have yet to break one) will keep a G-Loomis rod in my hands for many years to come. 

From: Tom: Ballwin, MO

Comments: I can't imagine how great the GLX and NRX series rods are because I can't fathom how you can get better than this rod!  I have the 7' MH and this has got to be one of the greatest all purpose rods of all time.  I paired this with a Abu Garcia Skeet Reese Revo and cannot say enough good things about how enjoyable it is to fish with this outfit.  I have some more expensive combos but this one is by far my favorite.

From: Andy: Janesville, WI

Comments: IMX are hands down, set the bar on what a rod should be. I dont care if you break em. I break rods too. All rods will break. Set into a tree with braid a few times, and you may as well mail it in, that rods gonna snap soon. ANyways, I own 7 IMX rods of all different lengths and actions and I will get more. I dont need a fancy skeleton handle...keep it old school, fool!

From: Meatwad: Out of town

Comments: this is the third time breaking rod tips setting the hook in a bass this time they wouldn't warranty, three tips in two years?.i have had it.great rod but if they are starting not to back them who could afford that? I take good care of my rods as would anyone who pays this much for a good rod.goodbye loomis.  

From: Jeff: Wisconsin, USA

Comments: I just got one last Tuesday and took her out Saturday... and WOW! I've fished with allot of rods and this was by far the best! I wouldn't trade it for any other rod! I've got a new Abu Revo on it and it's a deadly combination!

From: Ty: West Tennessee

Comments:Most sensitive rods I've ever fished with, but I miss the old metal Wiebe reel seats.

From:Dave: Alabama, USA

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