Now available in a classic green finish, the new G.Loomis NRX Green Casting Rods aren't just a little bit lighter here or a little bit lighter there - they offer the best at every level in terms of graphite, resins, and components. Top-of-the-line from top-to-bottom - you've never felt rods with this much life.  The NRX construction method is completely unique in rod manufacturing - allowing G.Loomis to make the NRX Casting Rods at least 15% lighter than similar GLX rods, and up to 20% stronger and more impact resistant as well. By utilizing stiffer, lighter and higher density carbon married with Nano Silica resin systems, the NRX rods can be lighter - yet more durable, extremely sensitive - and yet stiffer. Light 'ticks' turn into thumps, and anglers can easily feel the difference between their lure dragging across silt, gravel and ridges - even at 60-feet.

All NRX rods also feature G.Loomis’ unique Hybrid Guide System, which combines the strategic placement of both Fuji titanium-framed SIC and REC Recoil black ion-coated, nickel-titanium Guides from the stripper to the tip. The stiffer Fuji Guides, closest to the reel seat, offer more sensitivity transfer to the anglers, along with moving weight back to butt section and helping to balance out the rod, while the REC Guides are extremely small and lightweight, so as not to impede casting and retrieving performance. An exclusive, proprietary Skeletonized Reel Seat also keeps the angler's finger truly in contact with the blank, while providing a sturdy, ergonomic base for the reel. Manufactured in the USA, like all G.Loomis rods, the G.Loomis NRX Green Casting Rods provide anglers with the most dynamic, lightweight and sensitive rods G. Loomis has ever created.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Have been fishing the NRX series for 3 years now. Both spinning and casting rods. I have never in my life fished with rods that are this great. With a Core 100 MG or Stradic CI4 you don't even know you have a rod in you hands!  When someone asks " is there really a difference between a $100.00 rod and $400.00 rod" when speaking of The NRX series by Loomis, oh yeah, there is a difference. The best ever.

From: Robert: San Diego, CA 3/17/15

Comments:  Have the NRX 893. It is the ultimate bottom contact rod. Works great from 3/16 up to a little over a half ounce. Light and super sensitive. It has a soft tip that casts very well but loads up very quickly with a ton of power for hooksets and fighting fish. Nice to have a rod that on one hand works for finesse baits and on the other can horse in a 3 or 4 pounder no problem.

From: Joe: Salem, OH 9/19/14

Comments: My review starts the same as everyone else's I love the rod. then the cork screw down broke off the rod mid cast. It looked like the glue had broken down to me this is where the problem starts I contact them ask what can be done the rep says send it here. Doesn't give me options of the expediter or the we send you a shipping label he didn't care told me you pay to send it in. So basically I pay to send my rod in wait a few weeks between all the time go threw the first tourney of the year without my favorite jig rod. Any other rod and rod company I would except all this but I paid 525 dollars for this rod because I heard they had the best customer service in the business Very disappointing.

From: Chris: New England 3/29/14

Comments: Pairs very nicely with a core 50MG or a MGX. Super light. I wish they had a flipping model!

From: David: Raymore, MO

Comments: I almost regret buying the NRX 873c ccr because now I want another one as well as a 893c and 854c.  The NRX 873c ccr is hands down, the best jig rod you can.  Pair that with a Shimano Core 100MG7 and you have the best jig combo on the market.  Pitch 3/8 oz - 1/2 oz arkie jigs or drag 1/2 oz - 3/4 oz football heads and prepare to have your mind blown.  It will make you a better jig fisherman.

From: Blake: Scottsdale, AZ

Comments: Recently purchased a 7'1'' med heavy NRX this rod blows away any other casting rod I've ever owned and paired with a Lew's speed spool TL1H. Hands down i dont think there is a better combo. The rod casts a mile even with the slightest weight. If your gonna buy a new combo try this with the Lew's. This is the first Lew's reel i've tried and with in a few casts easily my favorite reel. I'm on the water almost every day and a combo this comfortable is a MUST HAVE along with the Loomis wild card.

From: Dan: Kalamazoo, MI

Comments: I have the Green NRX in a 6'8" heavy fast, and I love it!  The green color is perfect in my opinion, the online photos (no matter how good) can't do it justice.  I also like the other color.  Good caster, well balanced, feels strong, sensitive of course. Very fun to fish with.  My Chronarh 100D7 fits nicely. The line stays off the blank.  Almost the perfect rod.  Price is crazy in my opinion, but got mine for much less.  Only thing about this rod I don't like besides the price, is that there are two intials, which I'm guessing are the initials of the inspector?  I could be wrong, but in any case, they differ from rod to rod, and on mine, they seem out of place, turned upside down and crooked on the left side of the blank by the hook keeper.  Thankfully unnoticeable when I fish it, but @$450-$550 EVERY detail should be in proper place!  If you can afford one, buy it.  If you can get a better price by waiting for a sale, get one.  Light and strong, very well balanced.

Comments: I just got the 7'1 heavy and paired it with a Chronarch. This combo is light as a feather, super sensitive and the cork on this rod is the best cork i have ever touched.  Unlike alot of people i like the lock down nut it lets me rest my finger in a comfortable place on the rod and dosen't feel bulky to me at all (Just preference i guess).  The price is a little high, but with the wild card warranty it gurantees you the rod for life.  $550 to have the best bass rod you can buy for life makes the price not as bad.  If your thinking about getting this rod just do it and don't look back you won't regret it.

From: NRX Owner: MO

Comments: I have fished this rod for about a year now and it's definitely the most sinsitive rod I own. The 853 is a great rod for T-rigs and even some moving baits. The only thing I'd change is the cork locking nut that seems to be bulky and in my way to put a finger on the blank and the hook hanger that sometimes when you make a cast your line loops around. Other than that that rod is light and a pleasure to fish all day.

From: Andrew: SoCal

Comments: Definitely the next rod I'm going to buy! Not to mention that WildCard warranty sounds pretty sick, a no questions asked warranty is my kind of warranty. I need a good punchin' rod. Maybe if I buy enough stuff from TW they'll sponsor me...I will say yes.

From: M,W, GeorgiaBassin'

Comments: I paired the 6'8" med heavy with a gen 3 revo stx and it's great. It's light, sensitive, and powerful all in one. They are expensive but are completely worth it. Plus the nrx warranty is one of the best. I've had them all and this one is possibly the best rod I've ever owned. Great rod

From: Will: AL

Comments: Got the Med-Hvy and paired it with a Core. Light as a feather and pulls the monsters from the junk. Can't wait to get try the new GLX crankbait rods. Great job G-Loomis.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: i have the Nrx 7'1" heavy. it is an awesome rod! it is extremely sensitive and light weight. love the handle design on it. It is a little out of its element throwing a 3/4 oz jig in deep water though. i fish 1/4 to 1/2 ounce on it and it is matched perfectly. also used it for finesse flipping this year with a 1/8 oz weight and it worked like a dream for flipping and skipping way up under docks.

From: Alex: Martin, TN

Comments: I don't thinkg you read the Tackletour article close enough.  Here is what it said:

"Although there is no change in performance on our side we have heard from consumers and dealers that the rods feel even lighter than before. But the mind is a powerful thing!! When you like what it looks like and already know how good it fishes then your mind takes over. We werenÕt worried about it and didnÕt weigh them. We will let the fisherman be the judge!!"

From: Paul: Germantown, WI

Comments: Love the looks of this rod! IMO it's way better looking then the blue one. Some interesting info I ran across at a tackletour.com is that the green ones are actually slightly lighter then the blue ones.  

From: Sam: WI

Comments: nobody asked you! The rods blank may be the same but the build is different and much more up to date.

From: Fishkill: NY

Comments: Stupid If you ask me they change the color so people can buy the same thing in a different color!

From: Kyle: Itasca

Comments: Love the new look. Looks more like a Loomis now! I guessing they also fixed some of the problems in the green one that they had in the blue one.

From: Sam: WI

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