Gamakatsu SuperLine Offset EWG Hooks Red

Gamakatsu SuperLine Offset EWG Hooks Red

The advent and growing popularity of the braided super lines had created problems for some anglers with the tackle they were using. Guides on their rods would cut, rods would break, and hooks would straighten out, losing fish and ultimately losing tournaments. Rod manufacturers stepped up to the plate and started using components that would withstand the harsh realities of super-lines and Gamakatsu has given us the Superline Extra Wide Gap Hook. This hook uses heavier gauge steel wire that will not straighten out under load but with enough flex that it is not brittle and will not break when stressed. Made for big baits and applications such as flipping where hard, quick hooksets are common, so this hook will perform perfectly for you. In addition, you have the Gamakatsu signature ultra-sharp point that will penetrate and hold so you will hook more fish and lose less.

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Gama SuperLine XWide Gap Red 2/0 5pk $3.99 5+
Gama SuperLine XWide Gap Red 3/0 5pk $3.99 10+
Gama SuperLine XWide Gap Red 4/0 4pk $3.99 10+
Gama SuperLine XWide Gap Red 5/0 4pk $3.99 10+
Gama SuperLine XWide Gap Red 6/0 3pk $3.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These things have got me hooked and floppin' about on the deck. I can't imagine bassin' without one on at least two of my rigs for soft plastics. If you don't have them and don't believe in them,,,GOOD...means more available for me.

From: L.J.: Sacramento, CA

Comments: One of the most durable hook I've ever used. They WILL NOT bend!!!!!! It will stand up to a 10lb 9oz large mouth. You can use them from bass to red fish. Great!!!!!!!!!

From: Thomas: USA

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