Gamakatsu Super Deep Throat Wide Gap Hook - $3.99

With the great interest anglers have in super braids, Gamakatsu has responded with an entire line of hooks specifically designed for fishing braids. The Super Line Deep Throat Hook from Gamakatsu has all the features that make Gamakatsu the best-selling hook on the planet, like the ultra-sharp point, tough, bend resistant wire, premium corrosion resistant coatings, and the right shape to hook fish and get them to the boat. In addition, the Super Deep Throat features a much longer point section that hooks deeper than their standard EWG hook. The longer point section will penetrate farther into a fish's mouth for a more secure hookset. Try the Gamakatsu Super Deep Throat hook and see what you think.
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Gamakatsu Super Deep Throat Wide Gap Hook

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Super Deep Throat EWG Hook Black 4/0 4pk $3.99
Super Deep Throat EWG Hook Black 5/0 4pk $3.99

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Comments: These hooks are sharp and decently well made but bend very easily you hook into anything heavier than 5 and they will bend.  plus they are kind of a an awkward shape for me anyways to rig game hawgs and pit bosses on. wouldn't recommend

From: Peter: USA 6/15/14

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