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Carl Svebek has won over $500,000 on the FLW Tour. Widely know as the "King" of wacky fishing, Gambler now offers the Carl Svebek Wacky Jig to the fishing public. The Gambler Carl Svebek Wacky Jig features an Owner 2/0 Hook, and an ideal weedguard perfect for getting through snags. The weedguard can also be  easily removed by trimming it off for those who don't prefer a weedguard or when fishing open water. Available in four sizes. 3 per pack. Made in the USA.

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Comments: Great head, the teeth cause the head to stand up and jiggle the bait as it's dragged along the bottom. I sometimes pull the weed guard out for even better hook ups. Very sharp hook.

From: George: Sidney, ME

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