Gambler Crawdaddy 4" 10pk - $3.99

The unique shape of the Gambler Crawdaddy is perfect for fishing cover that would hang up other baits. It can be very frustrating fishing thick grass, pads, tules, and wood where many Texas-rigged baits tend to wrap and stick, not falling through to where the fish live. The Gambler Crawdaddy features a long, thick body, short legs, and thick, straight claws, which allow the bait to slip through the smallest holes in the cover. When you're fishing the thick stuff and you want a tough craw to flip and pitch, try the Gambler Crawdaddy.

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4" 10
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Gambler Crawdaddy 4

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  • Black Blue Flake
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  • Black Grape Green Flake
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  • Bowen Silver Shadow
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  • Florida Five-O
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Junebug Shadow Blue
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  • Shadow Blue Glitter
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Comments: A little bit of a plain jane but bass like it. Just a good old meat and potatoes craw for flipping. Shadow Blue Glitter has caught hundreds of bass for me and probably millions in Florida. Big time money maker over the last 20 years on Okeechobee and Everglades but has; as the case with many other classic baits; somewhat fallen out of favor. Don't let that dissuade you; these will catch fish very well.

From: LD: Hollywood, FL

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