Gambler Double Collar Ball Jigheads 4pk - $3.28

An excellent choice for making a finesse jig, the Gambler Double Collar Ball Jighead features an ultra-sharp Mustad Hook for scull-splitting penetration and plenty of fish fighting strength. Each Double Collar Ball Jig Head also features an excellent keeper for holding plastic trailers firmly in place, as well as, a skirt collar to allow for additional customization. Additionally, the actual jig head sports a chip-resistant color coating for maximum durability and a realistic presentation.
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Gambler Double Collar Ball Jigheads 4pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Gambler Ball Head 1/4oz $3.28 4+
Gambler Ball Head 1/8oz $3.28 02/23
Gambler Ball Head 3/16oz $3.28 4+
Gambler Ball Head 5/16oz $3.28 4+

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