Florida Rigging is a very simple process of rigging worms and flipping baits while keeping the weight where it belongs. Ending up with the weight and bait on opposite sides of a stick is a common problem when flipping big palstics in and around brush. Then they can't fall through the brush to the bottom. A toothpick in a bullet weight is a common solution, but the hard toothpick pinches the line and can damage or weaken the line. These exciting Florida Rig weights from Gambler are truly an innovation for rigging your soft plastic baits. The key to the Gambler Florida Rig weights is the soft polymer core that runs through the middle of each weight. This rubber core will hold the weight where you want it on your line with no extra tools, knots, rubber bands, pegs, or clips needed. Just as importantly, your line will not be damaged by excessive pressure against the metal weight. Included with each pack of Florida Weights is a line puller that threads through the core of the weight and pulls your line through so you can tie on your hook and catch big fish! Slip the weight down on the worm for a Texas-rig, or slide it up a couple of feet for a Carolina-rig.

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Comments:  Great weights, bought a pack and love them.


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