Gambler Jigzilla 2pk

The Gambler Jigzilla is a premium jig designed by Florida bass fishing veterans, Rick Couch and Billy Bowen. Rick and Billy spent years perfecting the design of this jig, and have kept it to themselves until recently. It features a unique, weight-forward head that allows it to get through cover few fewer hang ups. 

When the Jigzilla comes down through cover, that weight forward design allows it to penetrate the cover you are fishing more effectively than standard flipping jigs. No resting on top for Jigzilla. Jigzilla will get you where you need to be.

The next key component to this jig is its beefy Gamakatsu hook. You've never seen a hook like this one on a jig. Heavy cover, braided line, big strong flipping rods - no worries - this hook is not opening up. Toss out the Gambler Jigzilla with your favorite Gambler trailer and rip away with confidence.

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    Model No. JZ12BL
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    1/2oz 03/05
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    1 1/4oz 3
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    Model No. JZ12CA
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Customer Reviews

Comments: These really are great jigs.  The hooks are true gaffs.  No bending out with these.  They come out of the grass well and I don't have to pick grass off of them as much.  Very good heavy cover jig.

From: Ac: CA

Comments: Best jig ever made!! I tied for the win in the Lake Okeechobee Everstart this year with a 1oz Gambler Jigzilla. This paired with a Fitzgerald Rods Big Jig/Mat Flippin 7'10" Hvy is a deadly combo.

From: Trevor: Ocala, FL

Comments: The rounded head allows the jig to turn over and aim the hook point down to the side.  A rounded design affects the overall balance on the fall or when hopping the jig.  It does not stand up as claimed.  Better off using a jig with a flat bottom in my honest opinion.  Flat bottom jigs stand up better on the bottom and glide better on the fall.  Good Luck

From: Bill: Muscle Shoals

Comments: This jig is amazing! I have caught and watched people catch lots of BIG fish on this jig. Also when it lands on the bottom it stands straight up.

From: Ricky: Ocala, FL

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