Gambler KO Barbs 20pk - $3.99

To help secure soft plastic flip baits to the hook and prevent slippage, the Gambler KO Barbs have you covered. Simply slide a Barb down the shank of the hook and place right below the eye of the hook. Using a cigarette lighter to help melt the Barb, the Gambler KO Barbs will form a rock solid bait keeper, so strong that it requires the soft plastic to be literally ripped of the hook shank. If you are serious about flippin' & pitchin', then the Gambler KO Barbs is a must have. 

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Gambler KO Barbs 20pk

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Gambler KO Barbs 20pk $3.99

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Comments: I recently bought these barbs to put on owner 3x flipping hooks because most of the other hooks are over priced and not to great anyways... a bit over priced 50 cents a piece.. It takes you forever to wiggle the barbs onto the shank. All it is, is shrink tubing which you can purchase and cut diagonally like the picture making yourself your own barbs..

From: Andrew: San Jose, CA

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