Gambler Ledge Worm - $3.99

Perfect for attracting those big bites, the Gambler Ledge Worm delivers an extra large profile that gets noticed. An oversized trick worm, it's loaded with action. Also enhanced with Gambler BITE scent for added fish attraction, the Gambler Ledge Worm is available in a range of proven colors.

Length Quantity
11" 6
9" 8

Comments: You might catch one fish before it tears in half.  The combination of length, thin-ness and softness just doesn't work.  Half of mine snapped on the cast, the other half on structure.  Went through a whole pack today in 30 minutes only had 2 bites.  Caught 1 fish.  I'm not saying they won't get bit, but they are not very cost effective. There are a lot of bass in my local lake with sunken bellies because they get plastic stuck in their guts that they can't pass.  These woms will surely be harmful to the fish.  The 16 inch gamblers are good and tough though. I wish they made these with that plastic.

From: snaildogm


From: Forrest: Valdosta, GA

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Gambler Ledge Worm

9 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    11" 3 $3.99
    9" 1 $3.99
  • Black Plum
    Size Stock Price Qty
    11" 5+ $3.99
    9" 3 $3.99
  • Copperfield
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9" 5 $3.99
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9" 2 $3.99
  • Grn Pumpkin Jelly
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9" Out $3.99
  • June Bug
    Size Stock Price Qty
    11" 4 $3.99
    9" 5+ $3.99
  • Pepper Grass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9" 5+ $3.99
  • Red Bug
    Size Stock Price Qty
    11" 08/09 $3.99
    9" 4 $3.99
  • Watermelon Red
    Size Stock Price Qty
    11" 2 $3.99
    9" 5 $3.99

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