Gambler Weedless Football Jig Heads

The Gambler Weedless Football Jig Head is built around a premium Gamakatsu EWG Hook for maximum fish fighting strength and penetration. Each Gambler Weedless Football Jig Head also features a perfect weed guard and an excellent keeper for securing your favorite soft plastic trailer. The premium color coating on the jig head itself is durable enough to stand up to frequent abuse and the coloring options provide anglers with the ability to vary their presentation as conditions dictate. Perfect for covering your favorite deepwater structure, the Gambler Weedless Football Jig Head has the premium components and durable construction to attract and tame the fury of the meanest bass.

3/8oz, 1/2oz - 4 pack
3/4oz, 1oz - 3 pack

Skirting Material

2 Colors

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