Featuring a klacker for added noise and fish attraction, the Gann's Stealth Series Buzzbait with a Klacker gets its name from the large, flat, wedge-shape of its head. The flat-planning design allows it to come to the surface and stay there with minimal effort. A super sharp premium Gamakatsu hook also dishes out serious hooking power, and a .051 wire frame and an offset bend allow the bait to sit down for increased hook-ups. Also featuring an offset Delta Blade, each blade is tuned as the bait is built to provide maximum squealing and disturbance. Available in several proven color combinations, the Gann's Stealth Series Buzzbaits also feature premium hand-tied 40-50 strand skirts to go along with their hand-tuned performance.  The name says "stealth" but the noise and commotion yells "Eat Me."

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